Best Firefighting Gloves

Firefighting Gloves

There are lots of heat protective fire gloves on the market. All of the gloves give different stages of protection. If the question is heat resistant gloves, it is a must that the materials differ greatly.

Some manufacturers use woven fabric or carbon. Some use Kevlar or another use mix of few materials to get the best result.

Choosing the best type of gloves to depend on whether the heat is dry or moist. Some gloves are made to compete with fire directly.

We must detect dexterity tests and direct mission grip and ask firefighter athletes’ help. Research has used laboratory base tests, but we do not consider they are mission direct.

As we are talking about firefighters, we are sure that the gloves must be examined dry and soaked completely.

One says that he has seen grip issues at first with wet gloves at the time of fire repair.

  • Grip strength –We are searching something that nearly mimics the normal demands of the fire athlete. It is carrying a great piece of the instrument to handle a wet from the fire. We know it well that we have to measure both wet and dry grip strength.
  • Dexterity –We know it’s that sometimes firefighters remove gloves from the hand to work on dexterity issues. The most common 3 issues are as follows:
  • (a) Starting chainsaws
  • (b) Manipulating a radio
  • (c) Handling hydraulic rescue couplings
  • When we like to test dexterity we must test that nearly resembles these demands, but normally universal and repeatable.

11 Top Fire Fighting Gloves

  1. Dakine Men’s Titan Gloves
  2. Shelby Firefighters Gloves, L, Pigskin, PR, Beige/Black
  3. Lightning X Heavy-Duty Firefighter Turnout Gear Glove Strap
  4. Extreme Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves
  5. Grill Heat Aid, Heat Resistant Gloves, 932°F EN407 Certified
  6. Dragon Fire Alpha X NFPA Firefighting Glove Large
  7. Tan Firefighter Heavy Duty Work Gloves NFPA Rated
  8. Premium Cooking Gloves, Heat Resistant, Oven, BBQ
  9. Whitebergs Heat Resistant Gloves
  10. Grill Armor Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves – EN407
  11. KIM YUAN Extreme Heat/Fire Resistant Gloves

Types Of Gloves

Low heatproof gloves give minimal safety against abrasion and heat. They are long lasting gloves indeed.

They normally come with the reinforced thumb. They are accurate insulators. Normally speaking, this type of glove may withstand temperatures up to four hundred degrees F.

Types Of Gloves

Heat protective gloves can withstand up to 600 degrees F or above. They confirm efficient grip and ensure the topmost hand protection. On the other hand fire, resistant gloves are made from top notch materials.

They are made to withstand open flames or sparks without melting. These types of gloves have more material layers of increasing safety.

They are resistant to cuts and abrasions also. This type of fire glove is long lasting and durable. Therefore, in conclusion, we can say it is great for handling sharp and rough objects.


The defensive heat gloves ensure more safety. They are great to handle sharp and rough items.

Most of the gloves withstand direct flame. They permit the worker to get in direct contact with the extremely hot surface except melting.

Features best firefighting gloves

In spite of their weight and thickness, they have multi-layer protections. They come with custom or standard formats.

These gloves also give high dexterity. The insulation covers are very simple to remove. They are made of high temperature resistant cloths.

While making this glove, manufacturers use a combination of cotton layers and carbon thread or Kevlar to the outside of the gloves.

The knuckles and fingertips are normally reinforced and are the cuffs of a secure fit. The palms are also saved from extreme heat.

These gloves are non-flammable. They are made to save a hand from direct or convective heat.

Moreover, these gloves are mostly resistant to tearing. They are appropriate for mechanical and thermal hazards. This kind of glove is very comfortable and great for maintenance and heavy duty application as well.

Normally saying, the heat protective gloves come in various sizes. It is fit for bigger and even for smaller hands. Some gloves come with only universal sizes. This glove easily adjusts with the hands.

Best Fire Gloves Reviews

The following reviews are made for the Fire Globes that are chosen as the best in the market:

Dakine Men’s Titan Gloves

Dakine Men's Titan Gloves B0148KZAE8

The Dakine Men’s Titan Gloves satisfies the demand of the firefighters who are craving for grip, flexibility, dexterity, fit and comfort.

You are on an engine, or truck does not matter. Dakine Men’s Titan Gloves may skillfully handle any fire ground task and basic motor vehicle extrication.

When I take the gloves out of the package, I found it is very tight. I desire to get such type of glove for a long time. I am happy with the use of the glove. It is much better than Dragon fire gloves.

Check Dakine Men’s Brand Now!


  • 100% Nomex¨ inner liner
  • Highly developed multi-layer devise reinforces susceptible areas and features restricted knuckle protector
  • Stretchy finger sidewalls of Kevlar¨, as well as Nomex¨, maximize dexterity
  • NFPA 1971 acquiescent fire-retardant moisture as well as blood borne pathogen barrier
  • Completely lined along with Kevlar¨ to add cut resistance


Firefighters Gloves, L, Pigskin

Firefighters Gloves, L, Pigskin, PR B007PBB6X2

The design of the gloves allows for natural thumb’s movement as well as better dexterity.

Seams are sewn with Kevlar thread. Besides, they are lock stitched. It is very difficult to enter at the time of keeping on your ppe.

The wrist sections of the gloves are very long. When you wear a turnout jacket, it is not a must.

Check Firefighters Gloves Brand Now!


  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Fulfills NFPA 1977 and 2011 edition
  • Four inch Nomex wristlet
  • Machine washable
  • Black and popcorn color pigskin


Lightning X Heavy-Duty Firefighter Turnout Gear Glove Strap w/ Reflective

Lightning X Heavy-Duty Firefighter Turnout Gear Glove Strap w/ Reflective (B00D64AU02)

Turnout gear, gloves are made from heavy duty ballistic nylon webbing. The other features of the gloves are a super tough snap hook; lime silver triples trim reflective tape sewn on both sides.

It has looped and hooked closure too tight fire gloves. This type of strap gloves is made for bulky and thick gloves like welding, firefighting and cold weather.

Velcro expands four inches down every webbing strap. This strap permits accurate adjustment of various styles and sizes of gloves. You can use LXFGC-HD Heavy Duty Glove Clip for gardening, mechanics and standard works. It is best fire gloves.

The gloves have the similar belt loop attachment but have cuffs along with alligator clip to secure the gloves.

Check Lightning X Heavy-Duty Brand Now!


  • Heavy duty metal hook w/swivel adds with the belt loop, D-ring, mic loop, tool belt or anything else you may get.
  • Velcro closure fits of all types of extrication and firefighter gloves.
  • Black nylon webbing beneath florescent lime-yellow webbing with hi-vi’s 3m Scotchlite reflective silver tape sewn on top
  • Wide ballistic nylon webbing made with stronger stitching as well as bar-tacks. It ensures guarantee and security for your gloves- another wonderful product from lighting X


Extreme Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves

Extreme Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves (B07284hhlr)

This fire glove can endure temperature up to 932°F/500°C. They are made from Aramid fibers. This fiber is famous for aerospace, firefighting, and military applications. It is super for FIRE PITS.

The glove saves those knuckles while approaching the fire. They are wonderful for baking, BBQ, making crock pot meals. Gloves may double as pot holder slide them on to alter a hot light bulb.

Cooking gloves are made with tightly woven premium threads and a tight, thick cuffed seam. Therefore, one can hold very hot items easily and feels no problem. It does not sacrifice mobility or comfort.

The glove is carefully designed to ensure maximum protection.  These are machine washable. Except that the black on the black design maintains a clean appearance for a long time.

Check Heat Resistant Gloves Brand Now!


  • Versatile
  • Tremendous protection
  • Extraordinary comfort
  • Long-lasting
  • Modern style
  • Best fire gloves


Grill Heat Aid, Heat Resistant Gloves, 932°F EN407 Certified

Grill Heat Aid, Heat Resistant Gloves, 932°F EN407 Certified B00CHO64NE

These are good quality fire protective gloves, no doubt. But they cannot withstand for a long time with the direct contact with fire.

Therefore, it is better not to hold your hand over an open flame. At the time of manning the grill, they are good for keeping your hand from burning.

Its 100% cotton lining is both lightweight and airy to preserve your hand dry and comfortable.

There is no cause to be worried about sweaty or wet hands. Moreover, they are hundred percent machine washable and problem free to rinse.

Check Head Resistant Gloves Brand Now!


  • Accurate size
  • Hundred percent free from the risk of purchase
  • Mentionable comfort
  • Dexterity
  • Ultimate protection


Dragon Fire Alpha X NFPA Firefighting Glove Large

Dragon Fire Alpha X NFPA Firefighting Glove Large (B019J6CSSW)

Dragon Fire Alpha X NFPA Firefighting Glove is a wonderful glove. After using many times, the hand remains wet.

Besides, the sweaty liners remain intact. It ensures critical palm. The back of the hand has a top, obtainable certification TPP rating that is greater than sixty, all configurations and sizes in stock.

Every delivery is packaged in a versatile, reusable bag as well as Velcro glove strap. One can easily enter and remove the hands from the gloves.

Check Gloves Brand Now!


  • Wonderful gloves
  • Adjust well with your fingers
  • Attractive to look at


Size Medium – Tan Firefighter Heavy Duty Work Gloves NFPA Rated

Size Medium - Tan Firefighter Heavy Duty Work Gloves NFPA Rated (B006JA3K4I)

What you order, your seller is ready to give you the brand new product. If you have a short one, ask for a bigger one if they fit snug as a glove perfect.

You have to break them, but you must get the perfect one. The sellers are ready to deliver the product within 24 hours, though I have got it after three days.

Check the Brand Now!


  • NFPA 1971-2000 Rated
  • Hipora Waterproof or Windproof as well as Breathable Insert
  • Fireproof firefighter Gloves
  • Leather-Suede Shell
  • Constructed from Thermoregulating Material * Untested Knuckle Joints for Dexterity and Comfort


Premium Cooking Gloves, Heat Resistant, Oven, BBQ Mitts by Kitchen Ready

Premium Cooking Gloves, Heat Resistant, Oven, BBQ Mitts by Kitchen Ready (B00RUBZNDQ)

The gloves come with 100% cotton interior lining. It has very soft inside. The universal design fits for both men and women’s hands.

There is silicone stripe in the outer part of the glove. Therefore, there is no possibility of falling or slipping from the hands. You can use detergent to wash it, or you may wash it in a machine.

Do not need to apply bleach. It is forbidden not to use near heat emitting steam. This glove does not save hands from hot fluids. It fails to protect permanently from heat or fire.

We know that a big deal Kitchen can provide you the finest product. They also can render great customer service for BBQ gloves. The mitts of the gloves are very versatile.

The glove is a very necessary accessory for handling extremely hot items. With this, you can replace potholders as well as oven mitts.

They are made from flame and heat resistant materials. This glove is greatly used in firefighting clothing, military, and police body armor. It ensures excellent strength, thermal protection, and durability.

Check available Brand Now!


  • Problem free of maintenance
  • Five finger flexibility and comfortable design
  • Upgraded heat resistant materials


Whitebergs Heat Resistant Gloves

Whitebergs Heat Resistant Gloves (B01AW8UV8U)

Whitebergs heat resistant gloves may shield and protect your hands from extreme temperature.

The glove can endure temperature up to 663 degrees F. One can use it for hot pots, barbecue, stove, microwave, ovens, hot irons and hot light bulbs. He also uses it for campfire, fireplace and very hot pans.

The inner layers of the fire gloves are made of 100% percent cotton. They give you topmost comfort from irritation or itching.

The manufacturers made the glove with great attention to ensure maximum coverage and accurate non-slip grip.

Now the glove is available at a special launch rate for a short time. Just buy the gloves and saves your hands.

Check availale brand now!


  • Well feeling with hundred percent cotton lining
  • 2 sets of gloves
  • Design and flexibility
  • Machine washable and multi uses
  • Developed heat protection



In conclusion, we can say that heat protection gloves are used widely in high temperature or direct contact with extremely hot items.

Some people use heat protective gloves in household chores or industrial application. They do so to remain safe from the heat.

Nonetheless, the gloves used for household chores normally withstand 350 degrees F. They give only limited protection against high temperature. These gloves are very useful for handling hot utensils, opening oven doors.

Besides, you can use it for cooking trays, building a bonfire and changing light bulbs and so on.

On the contrary, heat protective gloves are very useful in industrial fields like spot welding, distribution of natural gas.

Besides, one can use it for utilities, building turbine engines, refineries, working with heat reflectors and welding blankets.

Moreover, these glasses are the perfect preference for those who work in the waste industry, the recycling field, the glass industry.

In such places, they like to get supreme safety against heat punctures, abrasions, and cut.

Care and maintenance

Rough use of the gloves can damage its durability. All the components of the firefighting are added all together.

Proper cleaning and care aid you more to protect the gloves for a long time. Attentive maintenance of the glove saves the thermal properties of the glove and extends the life of them.

Features best firefighting gloves

Manufacturers apply lots of efforts to make and design the gloves. They also use the same type of effort in testing- I boldly say systematic abuse.

They suggest well to take care of the gloves and cleaning it. They know well what type of action would be better to maintain the integrity of the gloves.

To keep the gloves in a good condition, one has to follow the suggestions of cleaning and care very attentively.

The manufacturers give them to ensure proper care. Here you will get some general guidelines to protect your firefighter gloves.

When the gloves have been exposed petroleum products, corrosive and toxic chemical, segregate them from other gears. They may be decontaminated.

When the gloves are stained with blood or other bodily fluids, segregate them from other gear. You need to follow and consult department’s infection control policy regarding distillation of equipment.

Use a stiff brush having plastic bristles such as a tire brush to remove any debris. It is wise to remove as much debris from the gloves before washing.

Rub the covering of the globe by using a mild soap solution and the stiff brush. Saddle soap is made to clean leather well.

You will get them in all shoe stores. The saddle soap aids to keep the natural oils in the glove leather. This is an important component for expanding the life of the gloves.

Do not use industrial cleaning agents and harsh soap since they give the opposite result. They may affect the lasting capacity of the gloves.

Do not use such cleaning agents who use oxygenated cleaners or bleach. In such types of cleaning agents, there is sodium carbonate or sodium percarbonate like OxyClean. These agents degrade the aramid fiber likely kernel, Kovenex, and Kevlar.

Dry or air dry the gloves by applying low temperature dryer such as a commercial hose dryer to escape shrinkage.

Final Verdict

Heat protective gloves are made with great attention. The materials used here have high quality.

These gloves are chemically treated to ensure a fine finish and to expand the lifespan. It can easily fulfill the demand of the clients. Heat protective gloves are very useful to ensure protection from heat.

People use these gloves in some critical conditions like manufacturing industries, in the welding industry and so on. These gloves are must in various fields as they save hand from severe burns.

The glove also keeps the hands comfortable and cool. Before buying a glove, one must be sure of the type of heat whether it is dry or moist, whether the exposure is atmospheric or thermal.

When there is a spark, or open flame one have to consider which type of glove will be perfect for use.

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