best motorcycle saddlebags

Motorcycle Saddlebags

These are the conventional and most usual types of luggage for a motorcycle. Why are they very popular?

There are many reasons why these saddlebags are a common use for all. The reason is that they may bring a heavy load without hampering the low center of gravity of the bike saddle bags.

The saddlebags are now out of reach or the riders or the passengers. The benefit is that they may keep a huge amount of necessities at the time of remaining fashionable and also bike side bag.

The construction of these, bags may be either soft or hard. The soft bags are normally semi-rigid bags.

Motorcycle Saddlebags essential materials used

They are composed of textile, leather, synthetic leather and some combinations of those.

On the other hand, the hard bags are normally made of fiberglass, plastic or aluminum in some facts. Motorcycle throw over saddlebags are working well while caring.

All are very simple to install with the cross strap which moves beneath the seat pan or over the seat. They are almost safe along with added straps, but other come with the extra hardware for mounting.

Sizing of the bags must be thicker than you hope. Most of the bags have a protective layer of heat protective material on the bottom.

Make contact with the exhaust system must be given up. It is a good decision to keep two inch clearance between the bag and the exhaust system. Most bags come with straps along with the adjustment system.

Therefore, it is not a problem. As your bike has upswept pipes, the wise option is to give up contact with the smaller bags with the tail bag.

Besides having a big compartment, the saddlebags normally have extra pockets on both outside and inside it is more on bike side bag.

They are made with extra straps and various adjustment points to save your saddle bag safe and sound.

Best Motorcycle Saddlebags reviews


You have three kinds of motorcycle saddle bags to choose from

You are trying to get a way to carry your gear on short jaunts, long trips or for everyday riding. The best option is to choose any of the 3 types of motorcycle saddlebags for your demand.

  • Soft motorcycle saddlebags
  • Hard motorcycle saddlebags
  • Leather motorcycle saddlebags

Hard Saddlebags

As we have told before that hard saddlebag are made of fiberglass or tough molded plastics. You may get very roomy or rugged hard bags made of stainless steel or aluminum. Hard bags are same as rigid hand carries luggage. It is also called motorcycle panniers.

Hard Saddlebags best motorcycle saddlebags

Some hard bags open same as the suitcase and other open from the top. You build up hard bags with the help of permanently added plastic brackets or metals.

If you obtain hard bags from different suppliers, it must be made of fine materials. Your top source of the topmost mounting brackets and motorcycle throw over saddlebags would be made particularly for you. The model is perfect for your bike no doubt.

Hard saddlebag advantages

  • Waterproof. They safe the stuff dry- normally. Best waterproof saddlebags.
  • More space. You may obtain bags with the compartment and lots of space to keep a laptop, half helmets and jackets.
  • Safety. If locks, hard bags remain fixed and save your gear.
  • Useful. They are very simple for you to carry and detach.
  • Very easy. You may avoid these bags. You can apply custom fitted fabric interior bags to pack and bring your gear. Moreover, you can drop it into your saddlebags.
  • Extra benefits. You may avoid the bags added to your motorcycle and then use custom fitted fabric interior bags to carry and pack your drop and gear it into your saddlebags.

Hard saddlebag disadvantages

It is very difficult to get a bag which will adjust your motorcycle except modifying the bike or the saddlebags’ mounting procedure. It is true that hard bags are very expensive.

Soft Saddlebags

Soft saddlebags are constructed of long lasting polyester, nylon and same synthetic fibers. They appear in different color and sizes perfect for all kinds of motorcycles. They are made to put their shape, smooth if empty.

Soft Saddlebags best motorcycle saddlebags

The term denier is a unit of measuring the durability, thickness, and weight of the nylon and other fibers.

If the denier number is more, there is the heavier and the thicker the fiber. Suppose you will get soft motorcycle saddlebags composed of 100 deniers Cordura, 1680 denier ballistic nylon and 1050 denier ballistic nylon.

Some soft saddlebags are waterproof; most of the bags are water resistant. Therefore, most of them come with a slip on rain cover or other types of wet weather protection.

Soft saddle bags may not adjust directly your motorcycle along with mounting brackets. They all have twofold straps and strong fabric yoke running between the 2 bags. You can set the bags under and over the bike’s seat.

After that by the softest bag mounting methods, you can tighten down the bags with Velcro straps. The quick release buckles kept all things secured at the time of riding.

Your soft bags- when you add near to your motorcycle mufflers, you may heat shields on the sides to save from the hot exhaust and hot metals.

Soft saddlebag advantages

  • Variety. Whatever type of motorcycle you ride, do not matter. Be happy to know that all soft bags will adjust with any your motorcycle.
  • Convenience. Soft bags are very simple to add or detach from your motorcycle. They are problem free to pack. Moreover, they come with many helpful booths and pockets.
  • Cost. They are price friendly, affordable and cheap motorcycle saddlebag rather than hard bags.
  • Capacity. There are various shapes and colors of the soft bags. You can choose your desired size and colors. They have an expandable panel to enhance the capacity. They are also flexible. So you can pack lots of gears inside.
  • Durability. The synthetic materials used for making bags are very strong and lasts for a long time.
  • Best saddle bags

Soft saddlebag disadvantages

  • Security. Soft bags can normally be gotten or removed by inexperienced people.
  • Heat sensitivity. If a soft bag touches with a hot muffler, the muffler may melt the synthetic fibers of the bag.
  • If it occurs when you are riding, and you do not see it. The harm of the content and the bag may be momentous.
  • You can lose your stuff by a full-size burns hole and wind up with burned clothes.
  • Besides the melted nylon leaves a spiteful black spot upon your muffler.
  • Paint damage. Soft bags can destroy the paint where they close the frame and your bike’s fender.

Leather Saddlebags

Leather saddlebags hold an uncommon position between soft and hard saddlebags. They are a supertype of bags no doubt.

These types of bags are very favorable for the most cruiser style motorcycle riders. You may find leather saddlebags prepared from real leather. These leathers are weatherproof synthetic leather.

Leather Saddlebags best motorcycle saddlebags

Some types of leather bags have a thicker leather yoke between the 2 bags which you keep under and over the motorcycle seat. Other types add to your bike with the hard mounting brackets.

Features you must consider if you have the desire to buy leather bags included:

  • Lockable cover saves your gear
  • To guarantee problem free access, it comes with speedy release
  • Steel reinforcements which save the leather from drooping

Leather saddlebag advantages

  • Variety. There are many leather bags which are perfect for cruiser motorcycles. Therefore, you need to choose your desired design for your bike.
  • Cost. Price friendly and all are affordable.
  • Capacity. Appears with various sizes and color according to your needs.

Leather saddlebag disadvantages

  • Security. Some leather bags may normally cut open or removed.
  • Most of the bags are in black and made to look fine on cruiser style motorcycles.
  • When leather may be treated to prepare it for rain resistant. It is surely vulnerable to very wet weather.


Most useful and conventional different type of saddlebags available at the moment for review and purchase:

Stansport Saddle Bag

Stansport Saddle Bag

The Stansport saddle bag is made from heavy duty cotton duck toughened along with vinyl support to expand strength. 2 big pockets with double strapped flap cover.

The total coverage, capacity is 1056 cubic inches. Reinforce all stress to ensure durability.

The fit is right for my Kawi 250 with the older body. I keep them downhill to the cargo hooks, and it remains fine.

Issues: Each bag has a d ring to tie them down. You need to do it for freeway riding, otherwise the bags flop and flap in the wind.

The matter is that. The d ring faces the front of the bike and may be tied off to the frame or lift a hand.

The next d ring is not kept well in the right position. The second ring is toward the back of the bike that offers you nothing to tie off.

Check Stanport Saddlebag Brand Now!


  • Reinforced after all stress positions
  • 2 big pockets along with twofold strapped flutter covers
  • Top duty cotton reinforced along with vinyl backing


  • Capacity 1056 cubic inches
  • Standard hardware and canvas
  • With the price the product is excellent


  • None


ATV LOGIC Tank Saddlebag For ATV’S (Black)

ATV LOGIC Tank Saddlebag For ATV'S

ATV Tank Saddlebags – The two zippered boxes of these long lasting saddlebags put your gear near at your hand.

If you like to set up, normally remove screws from the gap cap. And then drop the bag into the place and screw it back on.

Loop fasteners and self-adhesive hook are added to give safety for the side of the gas tank. An insulated exterior pocket grasps one little water bottle. It has an interlock pocket to keep keys and wallets.

ATV tank saddlebags are decorated with luxurious zipper pulls and storm flaps. The 600 denier polyester pack cloth is covered for water resistance.

Check ATV LOGIC Tank Saddlebag Brand Now!


  • Self-adhesive hook and loop fasteners are added to ensure the sides of the gas tank.
  • Adjusted exterior pocket keeps one liter water bottle
  • Two zippered compartments of these long lasting saddlebags put your gear near at hand.
  • One size is perfect for motorcycle saddlebags, ATV’s and snowmobiles


  • Price is reasonable compared with the product
  • Very big water bottle pocket
  • Wonderful storage and out of the way
  • Instant access drink or water pocket


  • Requires dissimilar colors


Diamond Plate Waterproof PVC Studded Motorcycle Saddle Bag Set

Diamond Plate Waterproof PVC Studded Motorcycle Saddle Bag Set

These bags are constructed well to last for longer period. The designs of the saddlebags are wonderful. All are waterproof motorcycle saddlebags.

Diamond Plate 2pc Heavy Waterproof PVC along with a studs’ motorcycle saddlebag set may ensure that you are ready to saddle up and move.

They have easy top flap opening for which you can easily access your belongings very quickly.

All are designed with great attention to the store for longer periods and usability. They all have waterproof safeguards.

Every bag is featured with buckled straps to confirm maximum protection and safety of saddlebag contents.

Check Diamond Plate PVC Studded Brand Now!


  • Top graded waterproof PVC material
  • Two piece saddle bags set
  • Completely diamond plate stud design


  • Saddlebags are more addition
  • The product is very great
  • Looks roomy and adjust well with the bike along with bit adjustment
  • Cheap motorcycles saddlebags


  • Huge and immense


Nomad USA Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags

Nomad USA Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags

All Nomad Saddlebags are made from hundred percent durable and waterproof synthetic leathers. The merit of synthetic is that these bags are completely secured against weather elements.

They are very easy to open. The price of both the left and right bags is affordable. The saddlebag’s rinse lines and neat slanted styling compliment the design and appearance of your bike.

You can quickly access items in the bags so you may be safe your time. USA nomads give top quality motorcycle leather and motorcycle luggage saddlebags.

Every bag has a metal frame underpin rigid body. This body will aid high shape preservation over the passage of time.

Check Noman USA Leather Bag Brand Now!


  • Waterproof synthetic leather ensures permanence and sturdiness
  • Plain black
  • Motorcycle saddlebags are sold in pairs
  • Reinforced leather saddlebags having hard body and metal frame
  • Dimension of motorcycle saddlebag: 13″ Long x 10.75″ Tall x 6.5″ Wide


  • Good appearance, very rigid and strong and may keep the shape
  • Affordable and Cheap motorcycle saddlebags
  • More space to keep a big jacket or groceries for making a little trip


  • The bags are very big but do not make your bike awkward
  • Does not appear with the mounting hardware


2pc Set of Leather Motorcycle Saddle Bags

2pc Set of Leather Motorcycle Saddle Bags

2 piece original leather saddlebags set is fine for short or long rides on your motorcycle. The bags make it better for the ultra low wholesale price.

Take your necessary things when you like to ride the bike. Notice and be stylish with hundred percent leather saddle bags by CKB.

The saddlebags attach to the seat and seat fastens altogether. The custom fit permits to set the leather saddle bags for most of the bikes.

The bag comes with 2 rain covers 1 for every saddlebag. When you require more place than just a barrel bag or backpack, you need to use durable and low cost saddle bags.

The benefit of using them is to save money and time. You need not buy wholesale motorcycle luggage from CKB.

Check Leather Motorycle Bag Brand Now!


  • widespread Fit
  • Authentic Leather
  • Pair of Leather Saddlebags Measuring 14″ x 10″ x 5-1/4″
  • Sturdy
  • Comes with 2 free rain covers to save belongings and bags


  • Bags are nice and fit the bike very easily
  • All are universal. They have 6 pairs of strings spaced round the corner of the bags to keep them secure with the bag.
  • Heavy buckles, deep pockets
  • Included with rain covers


  • Buckles are price friendly
  • Somewhat long of a joining flap


Motorcycle Swingarm Tool Bags for Sportster

Motorcycle Swingarm Tool Bags for Sportster

The price of the product is very reasonable. The get up of the bag is attractive. It does the job well.

Please do not overload it with heavy things as anyone may walk by and yank it open. The strap is made of same flimsy stuff. Therefore, I do not put anything.

Possibly it is great for keeping some extra cheap O gloves or tire repairing kit. The bag is fitted with 40 Oz beer. This is wise to choose one and use it in the place.

Overall you are happy with the price you paid for it. It is not bad at all, and you may get the job done. Do not keep expensive something on it as anyone may walk by and pull it open.

Check Motorcycle Swingram Brand Now!


  • Problem free to install. Hundred percent brand new along with top quality
  • Decide your model and year before buy
  • Possible to set up on a motorcycle with a motorcycle, swingers like Yamaha, Honda Shadow, and Harley Sportster Softail.


  • A cool sissy-bar bag having accurate size and well-constructed
  • Wonderful for the backrest of the seat


  • The product is super except the material used for mounting on the bike.


Viking AXE Motorcycle Saddlebags for Sports Bikes

Viking AXE Motorcycle Saddlebags for Sports Bikes

Viking Bags Motorcycle Saddlebags AXE-22. These saddlebags are composed of strong Cordura materials.

Therefore, it will last for a long time. The internal part has a soft lining which saves your important accessories from scratches.

There is a lot of storage space inside measuring 10.5″x10″x16″. The dual quick opening top zippers create access everything problem free.

Moreover, the saddlebag’s Duraflex® buckles may be rigid enough to endure more of use.

You will be delighted to determine that the carrying handles are uncomplicated and contented to use.

Moreover, the back of the bags keeps a safety rubber lining to save your bike from any destruction. The bottles of the saddlebags are also heated protective.

We have done it so that they last for longer time. That will be very near to the weaken pipe.

The viking saddlebags have a reflective piping for better visibility at night. Not only that the bags are packed with a rain cover for each time purchasing. The bags are additional safety in ruthless weather.

Check Viking AXE Saddle Bag Brand Now!


  • Rapid releases side straps
  • Heat preventive bottom to save burn from the exhaust
  • Duraflex® buckles to ensure more strength
  • Dual instant opening top zippers
  • Viking sports and street bike saddlebags are composed of heavy duty Cordura.


  • Fabulous quality
  • Wonderful for sports bikes, marvelous viking saddle bag
  • Wonderful for muscle cruisers and sport bikes
  • With the price, the viking saddlebags are best


  • No cons


Motorcycle saddlebags Trunk w/ Light for Honda Shadow

Motorcycle saddlebags Trunk w/ Light for Honda Shadow

These work great for all summer. The string of the brake light breaks off two times; I must re-solder it every time.

The reason for breaking it is for packing more stuff. They are universal; therefore they need some test fitting prior drilling the holes.

Do not hope these to bolt on. The bag is wonderful though somewhat less for my use. They are possible to mount to the Honda Shadow VLX.

Normally the bag doesn’t fit for mounting. I need to fabricate the mounting system to mount them on my VLX.


  • The overall dimensions are approximately: 15″ (Length) x 10.5″(Height) X 5.5″ (Width) please observe the bags are little. At the same time notice the size of your motorcycle.
  • They are constructed from top quality ABS. Appears with two keys as well as mounting hardware stated with the photos.
  • Fitment Honda shadow interstate 1300 fury black plastic kit Honda CRF XR XR50 CRF50 50 FENDER.
  • The light holds only one bulb and may be wired as for turn signals, brake light or running lights.

Check the Brand Now!


  • Wonderful fitting
  • Good performance for all summer
  • best motorcycle saddlebags


  • None

5 Things You Want to Know Before Buying Saddlebags


This is the total impression of the quality and leather quality. The top and best quality leather you will get in all Americans made bags. They are called whole grain or full grain cowhide that is the whole hide.

5 Things You Want to Know Before Buying Saddlebags

When you love to buy leather motorcycle luggage, you have to buy grain leather. It is true that drum dyed American full grain leather is very expensive. You like to make bags with such material to last for a longer time experienced by the artisan.


The leather is measured by its weight. If the leather is heavier, it weights more and becomes very thick. There is a big distinction between eight oz. And twelve oz. The weight of the saddlebags becomes double for the shipping weight scale.

There is another way to measure leather that is the temper. But it is difficult to measure temper. When the temper is lower, it becomes harder. Fine Italian gloves have a high temper, and they are very soft. Saddlebags must have a low temper. I like it very much.


Though saddlebags are made in the USA, you’re purchasing is imported from China or Pakistan. These bags are composed of inexpensive split leather scraps or thin grade vinyl that may be healed in urine. The top section is made from water buffalo or pig though they are called cowhide.

The final product is a type of leather, paper mache having a top coat to make it same as leather. It may not hold up.

Moreover, it wounds and crumples while wets. Many internet sellers and online sell the product from Chinese and Pakistani importers.

You do not like to get this stuff. The hides are fragmented, and the animals are dissimilar. The tanning system is primordial; the dyes are unhinged. It is true that the quality is not there.


An online, there are lots of products. Some vendors are reliable and honest. They sell quality products. But the other does not do so. What is the way to express the difference?

In such case message boards and chat rooms can help you, through personal reference is worth a lot. Send a mail or call the seller to test how responsive they are to your particular question.

Famous and well known sellers respond your question and very eager to supply your answer. Before establishing a relationship, it is better to ask about customer service.


Yes. You prefer bolt-on saddlebags or thrower. Each saddlebag asks support brackets for shape retention, safety, and durability. Select brackets from the bike manufacturers or aftermarket brackets.

5 Things You Want to Know Before Buying Saddlebags

Keep at least one to one and a half inch place above the pipe. As you are searching for the latest in rapid release technology, you will find easy brackets listed here.

If you like to get the top of the American line leather or affordable saddlebags, it may be your guide. They are half of what the dealership is asking. I trust that you must know that you are going to buy before you take your buying decision. To explore more information on saddlebags, wikipedia is one of resource page.

Motorcycle Panniers

Motorcycle saddlebags are also known as motorcycle panniers. It is designed with hard-shell cases mounted behind the seat and positioning top of the wheel. Motorcycle Panniers and Bicycle Panniers both are popular luggage carrier in the USA. Latest panniers having great advantage to be quickly-detachable. WikiPedia describes more information about Panniers Motorcycle and Bicycle.

Final Verdict

Motorcycle House is making the world’s best motorcycle luggage. They are giving the best solution for your bike to carry lots of things. You can buy this best collection of superior leather motorcycle saddlebags. Take a wise decision and buy the best cheap motorcycle saddlebags for your use. Think more before buying it. You will be happy when you get the benefits of the bags. To get more reviews please visit our homepage.