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Driving your car by keeping the phone in your hand and using GPS may be very a difficult task. You may try to keep the phone in different places, but vibration makes it moving out of the place. To solve this problem, you have to buy a solid cell phone mount whether it is in your truck, van or SUV.

There are various types of cell phone mounts to select from ranging from one to use on air vents, windshields, dashboard, cup holders and CD slots., They all serve the same purpose; just keep the cell phone in place and all times within reach. The only difference is the case that used to hold the product must be durable.

In this guide, you will get into the top eight bestselling cell phone holders or mounts, and from them, you have to choose the best one. Whichever cell phone holder, you select, it is sure that you will be happy for taking the decision.

What are Car Phone Holders?

Normally speaking, a car phone holder makes your life on the road comparatively easier offering a wonderful mount of your device when you are behind the wheel.

What are Car Phone Holders

The products are truly handy, and the top one offers stable protection for your precious smartphone, so they do not move flying out.

The best option for a well built car phone mount is that it permits a user to keep the phone in such a way that it is possible to see or view easily without having to reach out.

The benefits of this mount are that it decreases the possibility of road accident and time reduces your act for you.

Moreover, the speakerphone holder is minimalistic, you sturdy devices that do not render more heat or other conditions. The size of the body makes all these more accessible. You can easily answer your phones with the speaker when you need.

Wrap it up when your works are completely made a cell phone, and a car phone holder may be very much of a lifesaver for the people who drive their vehicles.

10 Top Phone Holder Mount Air Vent

Our Top Picks Phone Holder Mount

Who needs a Car Phone Holder?

It is told previously in the last section that anyone likes to keep a smartphone for important business or remains behind the vessel for a long time, he must use a car phone mount.

Who needs a Car Phone Holder

In considering these things, the small gadget is a very necessary thing for most of the peoples’ life. You can think that you do not need to use a phone holder in your car does not matter.

But there is at least one member of your family for whom it is a must. People who are engaged in delivery service, commute or truck driving, it suggests using a phone holder to remain with the most secured way while she or he is on the road

Why Use a Car Phone Holder?

Remaining connected with sound, being safe on the road and avoiding accidents is the superb opportunities for anyone on the road. You are a busy man. You need to use the phone frequently on the road; then you have to mount your smartphone on a holder.

The holder is more convenient than using one hand for holding the phone and other hands to drive the car. If you choose a supertype of phone holder, you will see that life on the road is very enjoyable

​Best Phone Holder Mount Reviews

The following reviews are made for the Phone Holder Mounts Air Vent that are chosen as the best in the market.

iOttie Easy One Touch

The idea Easy One Touch 2 is a versatile, safe and highly functional smartphone rising solution. It includes many new features. It can hold iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, Moto, LG and Smartphones.

The iottie air vent mount has 2 step locking lever that confirms you can use the mount on various surfaces. The first locking position is used for smooth, flat surface, whereas the 2nd locking is used on a curvy texture surface that needs more grips.

The iOttie Easy One Touch 2 ensures a telescopic arm that expands up to 2 more inches to render you more viewing opportunities while using mount. It also gives a new sliding base foot.

Same as predecessors, the one touch XL, the one Touch Universal, new one touch 2 are packed with many features same as the iOttie patented 1 touch features and the iOttie super sticky gel pad.

The stickiness of the iottie suction cup is countless, gone up with warm water and keep the air dry, regenerating the gel pad like a new situation. Iottie air vent mount is the best clip phone holder.

Key Features

  • Touching mounting lock is very easy and remove the device with one hand only
  • Sticky gel pad adds to the surface, though very simple to remove
  • New telescopic arm adjoins two inches to permit for nearer device viewing


  • The mount capacity to keep big sized phones
  • Very simple to keep wider varieties of phones and can access the ports
  • The telescopic handle is an extra addition. The phone is prone to jiggling more in the telescoped state


  • ​Inexpensive and skinny plastic material. Squawked and creaked since you mount it, touch and adjust it.
Ebow Car Phone

Revolve your smartphone and spin display as you prefer. The base of the mount keeps the fixed place in the air vent of your car and remains strict.

It does not matter how much rotation or swiveling you can do it with car air vent. It guarantees that your smartphone remains in the desired position. The mount has a high quality rubber gripping which keeps the air vent phone clip strong.

Air vent car mount holder gets minimizes friction to lessen slippage, permit smooth communication and lessen road vibrations when tapping or gesturing your phone.

Phone Holder Air vent usual smartphone magnetic car mount holder is ten times easier than other magnetic car mount holder for its harmonizing and straightforward design. It comes with an influential magnetic head and sturdy rubber base for keeping smartphones.

Key Features

  • ​The magnet sticks to any metal
  • The magnet wipes memory card
  • The magnet makes my case not fit


  • Small profile, at the time of using you only see the mounting
  • Magnet adjusts with the case and phone, so you only see it, but also do not remember it
  • Mount adjusts with AC vent safely, supportive materials.
  • Easy, mindless mount and unmount – Not essential to press the button or catch the tongue to release at the time of driving.
  • Car Air vent mount holder is easy to install
  • Universal car phone clip holders can use all type of phones
Macally Car Cup Holder

This is a super convenient system to hold the phone in a low position as I prefer it. One can figure it easily though there is no instruction here.

To tighten it with the cup holder, one has to twist the base tightened counterclockwise, directly not clockwise like one may assume.

One obvious thing is that the 2 legs are invisible to the bottom of the holder to resist phone from sliding out. The stalk is flexible therefore one may adjust the position normally. For having a quick release button, it is very easy to take out the phone. It has a firm feel.

Key Features

  • Amendable BASE
  • Supertype of viewing angle
  • Two class sockets and 2 high powered USB ports
  • Two in one multifunctional device
  • Super viewing angle


  • ​ The neck needs some force to add therefore your cell phone will not be flopping anywhere. You need not reposition it at all. The neck is very strong.
  • The base is heavy, not have more tons weight. Therefore, you can use it on a flat top surface
  • The base enlarges to keep wide ranges of cell phone suction cup holder size
  • The grip comes with a ratchet system to keep your phone and all other size phones
Bestrix Car Holder

You will be happy to know that this is the coolest cell phone holder on the market. So it is wise to buy it just now. I normally add a self-adhesive magnet to the back of my phone, the interior of my phone case. It works very well. From any angle, one can move it.
At the time of using the map, I like to use it from the landscape angle. On the top of the dashboard, it works well.
Some holders like to use vent clips. Therefore, no air is blocked. People who ride on cars they are highly benefited. I ask everyone to buy this bulkier holder. People want it more and more. The beam electronics universal smartphone car air vent mount holder are appropriate one.

Key Features

  • ​ ​​Simple and sleek to use
  • Very compatible
  • You can see your phone all times
  • Stick on any flat surface
  • Bestrix magnetic phone holder


  • ​ ​Simple to apply
  • Nice to look at
  • Adjust with tilt or angles and normal to rotate
  • Best air vent mobile phone holder
Universal Magnatic Car Mount

Used in various mounts for an IPAD mini and they fix out three to four inches from the dash. Keep it in the highest position of the dash and iPad sticks out less than 1 inch and is very constant.

The performance is great. I have got a new chevy volt. It is very difficult to place a smartphone holder, except wrapping some information about what the car is doing. I like to say that when I keep at a place, it covers the start button but does not envelop drive mode button.

Prior I have got this; I have to reach down to press the mode button. When I was anxious the freeway, I suddenly touch the start button and makes the engine off. Dangerous. Now I am sure the phone is in a secured place when I take off, I do not have to change the drive mode. This is best universal car phone clip holder to buy.

Key Features

  • Great to look at. This minimalistic, stylish Black Chrome stainless steel Mount will connect to any car interior.
  • Apply a neodymium magnet. For your phone, GPS and tablet it is very safe and strong also.
  • Within second unmount or mount your device with the help of one hand. Needs no clamps, suckers, cradles, the real magic of magnet.
  • Universal - Perfect for any phone. Lightweight tablets or GPS
  • Mount the complete set of gadgets- 3 super slim discs for various types of devices. Use it for the family members


  • ​ ​​Comes with three rounds
  • Slim metal round your phone
  • Very high-quality magnet
  • Universal car vent mount
IPOW One Button

Besides keeping CDs, there is also an option to keep something additional… but what? Yes, there is a phone mount in the car which clings on to your radio CD slot. IPOW’s Universal One Touch CD Slot is perfect for our #7 for smartphones.

We would like to mention that the total idea is brilliant. It ensures you the changes to keep the biggest smartphones, the unit retracts from as small as 3.5 – 6.5’’ wide.
You will obtain hundred percent 360 degrees tilt both horizontally and vertically. Just from the box setting up happens within five seconds.

More than 1200 users give a review of a Thumbs up for price and functionality. Notice below to know the best price of the super mounting.

Key Features

  • ​ ​​A bracket or stretchable clamp may keep up to 3.5 ’’ wide, rubber pad with clamp may save your phone without any damage.
  • CD car mount is made to adjust cd slot of the vehicle. To fit well add 3 more attachable clips.
  • Complete 360 degrees rotation along with 2 ball joints and slant for different angles- horizontally and vertically. You are able to get the perfect viewing angle by 1 hand only.
  • No tool is needed to mount your smartphone center and front of your car and continuously play the CD. Simple to install.
  • The mount keeps your smartphone safely without blocking your views. Remains in the place well


  • ​ ​​Warm, easy fit to the CD player.
  • Possible to keep both large and small phones
  • Looks polished
  • Rapid and easy installation
  • Simple to use with a super range of motion.
  • Wonderful customer service
  • Possible to see displays from horizontal and vertical position
  • Rigid and sturdy built
  • Cradle Stand for iPhone all models
  • Special for iphone holders
  • Cradle Stand for ​Galaxy S8 S7 S6 S5 S4
  • Crendle Stand for Google, LG, Huawei and Nexus
Hana Car Mount

It is very simple for you to reach it. Other important advantages are that it would not block your view at the time of driving the car.
Besides, it will be the best gift for your family members, partner, and friend for their safety. The mount has extra length and flexible base. Therefore, one can touch the device without any risk; it is very useful for unevenness dashboard or windshield.
The side clamps are deeper. Finally, it is very sturdy and convenient. One needs to reattach windshield one time in a month.

Key Features

  • ​ ​​The size of the gooseneck mounting is 0.5 inches that are strong enough to keep your smartphone at the time of driving.
  • By the help of lengthened and flexible gooseneck, you are able to bend the arm at any angle and any shape when installation requires
  • ​Universal car phone clip holder


  • ​ ​The arm has just the right length. This brings it to my dashboard, therefore I can go to it easily to thumb up or down a road was or hazard
  • Very hard suction with the windshield
  • Immense build-quality: Side clamp is great to feel if you click it to keep your smartphone
  • Very tightly grip your phone
  • 360 degree magnetic phone holder
Car Mount EnergyPal

This option is very good for the people who move most of the day but do not like to bring additional charging equipment for the smartphones. Some like to use the Energy Pal HC84K car smartphone holder.

The reason is that they are unbelievably convenient for riding the twin roles for a smartphone holder as well as a charger simultaneously. It is also supporting power phone holder.

The other thing is that they are designed with two USB chargers. When your friend rides on your car, do not matter. He or she can use the USB charger when you are using one.​ 

Key Features

  • ​ ​​Scratch protective rubber grip
  • Good build good build
  • Charger cum box
  • Stretchy gooseneck along with 360 degree rotation
  • 2 portable USB ports to charge 2 sets at the same time
  • 360 degree magnetic phone holder


  • ​ ​​Wonderfully accommodates my bigger LG G4 and my wife Motorola Droid Maxx with the case on. There is no possibility of slipping out, and phones are very rigid.
  • The cradle moves automatically to the arm position and permit you to keep the phone in a proper position
  • Arms are bendable and permit for near exact placement
  • Charging sockets are great to charge my phone
  • Phones do not rotate, stay in a fixed place
  • Power socket is made to accommodate any dc power outlet
  • ​Car cellphone holder best buy

​Things to consider when choosing car phone mount

​Nowadays smartphone has become an essential part of our driving experience, most of us consider the way to keep it in a secured position in a car. At the time of driving, using a smartphone is very dangerous.

Therefore, we suggest using a phone holder to put the digital device at hand and choose an essential GPS direction and make hand free calls.


Normally phone holders are mountable and permit this device to accommodate and extracted with one hand. This article represents the key features and peculiarities of the topmost car phone holder models.

Suppose you are a fan of digital devices with a great diagonal, we like to draw your attention to the car tablet holder review.

What Features to Compare

Mounting or placement of the phone holder is considered must if you like to buy an item. From various studies, it is clear that users like to add a header to a dashboard or windscreen. For this, you have the chance to see a gadget just before your eyes.

What Features to Compare

Similarly, keeping a holder near ventilation gate is thought to be more authentic. However, being added to a vent, the holder can damage it for road vibration.

Moreover, hot air force may be the cause of overheating of your smartphone. Other most favorite places to set up a holder is a cigarette outlet.

At the time of speaking about mounting ways, you have to consider 2 things. Mounting by taking help from the suction pad is comfortable to maintain and keep no sticky residue.

Remember that it is simple to add a phone holder to a smooth and clean surface only. Moreover, a suction pad gives chances to move the holder here and there. Thinking about cons, this type of mounting may be weakened for low temperature.

If the holder is added to the adhesive disk, one can add it to any surface reliably and easily. This kind of mounting may leave a sticky residue and is not perfect to keep the heavyweight device. In an adjustable clamp, keeping a smartphone is not a great problem at all.


What Features to Compare

For the digital appliance and fixation of the smartphone on a cradle, the next important thing is to give attention to it. Some have universal and original types of smartphone fixation of a cradle.

For original fixation, this is right for a particular type of smartphone model or narrow model range. For universal fixation, it may keep different smartphone models.

At the time of choosing a car phone holder, you must consider the maximum diagonal length. People who like to change the smartphones frequently or changing the digital devices for them universal phone holders is great. Besides, there are few types of smartphone fixation in a cradle.

Magnetic cradles are most suitable types of the smartphone as they give a simple extraction of the phone from the cradle, adjust all smartphone models.

If consider disadvantages, a smartphone will fall to the sharp turns or at the time of driving on off the road. This is more authentic kind of a gadget’s fixation with the cradle but may not permit you to take the unit out usually.

Lastly fixing the gadget with the help of special polyurethane hold down clips may adjust any smartphone model and is consistent to use.

The Cradle

What Features to Compare on phone holder

The last thing you need to keep in mind that the peculiarities of the phone holder such as its design. Normally there are three main construction types like flexible, a swivel ball and monolithic.

For monolithic phone holder, the surface mount is added to the cradle. Besides, this construction does not permit changing the slant angle of a digital machine.

A revolving ball construction is very easy to use. For compliant linkage of the details, the holder permits to adjust the slant angle of a smartphone along with the axes or axis. Lastly, a flexible one is thought to be the strongest amongst the analogs.

The cradle is added to the special bracket, and the bracket is mounted on the surface. Therefore, it can rotate a holder through 360 degrees. For this, you can reach out to your mobile phone by using one hand. Be happy.

There are some models which will give you the change to charge the battery of your smartphones. It is possible from the charging system of the electrical system of the car via the cigarette outlet.

Moreover, in some car, there are 2 USB ports to charge 2 phones simultaneously. The advanced models are fine for wireless battery recharging. Since some holders come with a special FM transmitter, they can air news about the car.

What to Consider

A supertype of smartphone mount requires a few things to do. It must add secure in your car in such a way that you can easily see your phone except blocking your view of the road. This may hold the phone tightly when you normally change angles and orientation.

What to consider on phone holder

​The mount must be fit for any size of the phone. You have to consider other things that phone must be easily inserted or added or then removed particularly with 1 hand. Lastly, the design must be very wonderful.

By keeping these requirements in mind, manufacturer’s hours of research led them to understand huge numbers of mounts in the market need bit compromise.

Manufacturers have made a survey of 1000 wire cutter readers and analyzed how they use phones in cars, what type of hardware in their cars have and what type of features they like to keep smartphone mounting.

These things helped more to understand what kinds of compromise is very useful for most of the people.

The manufacturer’s survey gives them some more interesting results. Not astonished- almost everyone- about 98% of respondents take their smartphones for GPS direction or maps in the car. Where people like to set the mount up varies much than they aspired.

People who use mount normally located on the dashboard (27%), on air vent (28%), or the windshield (26%) and CD player slot (12%). The amazing result is that nearly 90 percent of respondent’s cars keep CD players and CD holder for car. People hear CD only 5.7 percent of their time inside the car on average.

Some people do not like to use CD players at all. We surveyed that about 70% people use a case to keep smartphone.

By keeping this information in our mind, we are more confident to make this decision. The 1st step is to decide on a mounting style from the 3 major alternatives: air vent, windshield or dashboard and CD slot.

Dash or windshield normally uses a suction cup to add those surfaces. Mounting sets up on the windshield normally ensure a sturdy set up but meaning that the mount and the smartphone block your vision on the roads.

Sometimes a suction cup mount can perform directly on a dashboard, but manufacturer includes an adhesive backed disc which sticks to the dash. It also gives the suction cup attached to a flat place.

All manufacturers warn you that any disc can cause permanent harm to the dash. By keeping these drawbacks in mind, we suggest dash mounts or windshield to those people who have no idea to use other 2 types.

Flaws but not deal breakers

As there is no CD player in your Car or the CD slot is hidden back of a faceplate, or you hear CD now and then. The style mount is not for you.

In some cars, the CD slot is added in such a way that this type of mount can obscure stereo control, climate control, and other regularly used touchscreens or buttons. Manufacturers used here Techmatte’s mount as they found it is less conspicuous, but you may not get around in some cars.

1 wire cutter staffer over tightens the MagGrip’s CD slot mount, fracturing the body of the mount. Manufacturers tell us this is the very rare case. But the reality is that over tighten the mount can happen if there are wider CD slots.

Surely, you must keep the added metal plate or sticker somewhere. If you are not willing to add a metal sticker to the back side of the phone, you have to apply a case. We think you have to use a case like some other people.

This may be an issue for most of the people. We have tested lots of iPhone 6 plus cases to confirm that they permit a super hold. Our total top pick acts like a charm. The similar thing may happen for Caudabe’s the Veil and STM’s harbor.

They cannot make the thicker design as well as raise textures like Magpu;s Field case and Speck’s CandyShell Grip.

The more distance between the metal plate and the magnet makes an inconsistent bond that may be destroyed when you drive over little bumps. Great thick cases, particularly OtterBox’s defender saves any magnetic bonding after all.

​Final Verdict

​In conclusion, you will get the best type of car phone mounts that you have a long desire to get. We show you online version where you will get some really good deals. You must do your research before you like to buy the best car phone holders in 2017.

Notice to close, give order and take your product. In the list, you will get the topmost, best types of gloves used today. There you will get the price of the products.

We earnestly tried our best to show you the best types of car phone mounts found on the market today.

There is a comment box below where you can write down your opinion. If you have any question, ask manufacturers, and they are ready to supply all possible answers.

To get more product reviews and informative guidelines, please visit our homepage. Or alternatively, if you are interested to learn, how to make phone holder, you can visit us here.

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