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What is a Spatula?

In the range of kitchen equipment and crockeries, a spatula has a vital role to play. Without the spatula, cooking is more like a baseball match without a baseball bat. Therefore, spatula’s importance in kitchen is incomparable when it comes to flipping food items.
In the modern days of non-stick fry pans and pots, the hard edged metal spatula is a problem as it scrapes and ruins the non-stick surface of the pots and pans. Hence, a modern solution has been developed to mitigate such modern problem. The new silicone made spatula has been invented to save the surfaces of the non-stick fry pans and pots from scrapes and scars, ensuring a greater lifetime to these items. ​

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Best Silicon Spatula Reviews for kitchen

The following reviews are made for the spatulas that are chosen as the best in the market.


This set of silicone spatula comes in 3 pieces, which consists of large, medium and small. These are perfectly designed for tossing, scaping and folding your foods while cooking. Although, these products are very light-weight but have durability which helps you to toss and turn good quantities of food at once. This set has the heat resistant capability upto 500 degrees Fahrenheit. These pieces can be washed and cleaned easily by using dishwashers and hand.
The handles of the spatulas are crystal like and has blue translucent blue tint, which makes the spatulas more fashionable. The handles of the spatulas include a hole which allows these to be hanged anywhere very easily. As per reviews of other consumers, these silicone spatulas don’t produce any odor at any time. These spatulas have fashionable looks, high durability and are easily cleanable. Although, the entire spatulas aren’t made up of 100% silicone as the handles are made up of BPA-free plastic.

Key Features

  • 3 Pieces contains in one set with Large, Medium and Small Silicone Spatula
  • 100% BPA free plastics
  • Light weight and durable
  • ​Heat resistant up to 500F
  • ​Kitchenaid spatulas for mixing, scraping and cooking
  • Easy to clean

Like the above spatula set, this set is also designed to enhance your cooking experience in regular life. This set consist of 4 different sizes of spatulas, and each of them are made up of high-quality silicone which are highly durable and can bear heat upto 480 degree Fahrenheit. They come in smart and simple designs with no edges which allows you to toss, flip and fold your food on the fry-pan/pot without scraping the surface.
These user friendly designed spatulas feature a steel core which ensures for good strength and an angled head for easy lifting. These spatulas are FDA approved and it does not have any toxic substances. The spatulas do not contain any BPA.

Key Features

  • ​4 Pieces contains in one set with different size
  • These Silicon Spatulas do not contain any BPA
  • 100% full refund or replacement warranty if not satisfied
  • ​FREE Bonus ‘101 Cooking Tips in PDF file
  • Up to 480F Heat resistant Spatula
  • ​​Highly durable silicone spatula
  • Easy to maintain hygiene

This plastic spatula works almost as a fish spatula which saves the surface of non-stick fry pans. Although these silicone spatulas aren’t as sharp as the metal spatulas, but, their narrow blade is designed to dart underneath warm foods without breaking them. These spatulas come in smaller size than the average, and its sharply designed paper thin edged blade gives you better ability to flip fried items and pancakes. It is made up of silicone and comes in many color. As there are no grooves, it becomes easier to clean the spatulas.

Key Features

  • 1 Piece black silicone spatula
  • ​Strong enough for a 1lb steak
  • 550F Head Resistant Spatula
  • High heat cooking best kitchenaid spatula
  • FDA approved, BPA + BPS free
  • Proprietary Fiberglass core with stay cool handle
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Long handle silicone spatula

Oxo good grip silicone spatula set is one of the most popular sets in today’s world.. It comes in three piece set and the sizes varies from small, medium and large. These are designed elegantly in modern style which allows you for effective mixing, scraping, and tossing. It is perfect silicone scrappers. Like the other best kitchen spatula selections, this set comes with flexible edges and causes zero-harm to the non-stick surface of the fry pans.

These spatulas are made up of high grade silicone which can endure upto 600 degrees F, which means these won’t stain, melt or wrap. Also, these are perfect for bakeware, cookware and other utensils. Overall, this is best heat resistant spatulas. Cleaning these spatulas is super easy as they are designed smoothly for easy cleaning.

Key Features

  • 3 Piece silicone spatula set including medium, large and small spatulas
  • Ideal for reaching food in jars and other tight spaces
  • Narrow silicone spatula
  • 600F Heat Resistant Spatulas
  • It wont melt, discolor or warp
  • FDA approved, BPA + BPS free
  • Perfect use for coated and non-stick cookware baking spatula
  • Easy to clean, washing and maintain hygiene
  • ​Oxo silicone spatula

This set of spatula made its way among the sets of best rubber spatula sets. The set comes in 4 sizes and 1 color. Its robust structure gives you the perfect food handling experience. It’s durable flexible silicone edges has zero chances of putting scratches on your fry pans or cooking utensils. Its high quality silicone can bear up to 400 degree Fahrenheit and does not melt easily.

The entire set is BPA free which ensures zero harm for cooking. It has no reviews for smell, yet so far. These spatulas can be cleaned very easily and It has zero chances of being discolored, wrap or chip. These can be hanged anywhere. The set comes with lifetime guarantee from its manufacturer. This is best heat resistant spatula.

Key Features

  • The set comes in 4 sizes and 1 color
  • 480F ​High Heat Spatula
  • No smell or odor
  •  Premium quality with BPA free silicon spatula set
  • Perfect use for waffles, flipping eggs, pancakes
  • Easy to clean and washing
  • 100% lifetime guaranteed
  • Best kitchen spatula

Di Oro Living silicone spatula set is one of the favorite kitchen accessories for mixing cookies, tossing, moving last bit of food from jar or from narrow places. It is professionally designed and comes in three piece set and the size varies from large, medium and small.
Similar to other best kitchen spatula selections, this set comes with flexible edges and causes zero-harm to the non-stick surface of the fry pans. These spatulas are made up of high grade materials to ensure maximum performance, good quality and exceptional stylish kitchen products. It can endure upto 600F heat resistant which means these won’t stain, melt or wrap. Overall, this is one of the best heat resistant spatula.

Key Features

  • It come up with 3 Piece silicone spatula set medium, large and small
  • Ideal for reaching food in jars and other narrow spaces
  • Narrow silicone spatula
  • Endure 600F Heat Resistant Spatulas
  • It does not melt, discolor or warp
  • FDA approved, BPA + BPS free
  • Easy to clean up and preserving

Di Oro Spatula is one of the best flipper silicone spatulas in the market for frying eggs and other cooking ingredients. It has rubber top with heat resistant endure upto 600F. The spatula has great strength as it has a stainless steel blade core and handle which hold up to demanding use.
Therefore, It won't break like cheap plastic store brands. There is a wonderful velvety easy to hold matte texture on the handle which helps to proper handling of the spatula even with wet hands. High head with 600F Pro-Grade Spatula

Key Features

  • 600F Heat resistant spatula
  • Stainless steel support technology
  • Soft grip non-slip satin texture finish
  • di oro living seamless silicone spatula
  • Easy to clean up angled spatula
  • Forever warranty

UpGood silicon spatula set are comes with 4 versatile kitchen tools - 1 Jar Spatula, 1 Spoon Spatula, 1 large Spatula and 1 Small Spatula. It is designed with highly heat resistant and robust non-stick stainless steel base.  
The UpGood Spatula is BPA Free and FDA Approved! You can enjoy preparing quality items whether you are cooking, mixing, or decorating, you always deserve best quality. UpGood use premium materials that are very safe and easy on all cookware. It can endure upto 600F heat resistant which means these won’t stain, melt or wrap.

Key Features

  • It comes with 4 items
  • High head with 600F
  • FDA Approved and BPA free
  • Rust proof
  • Best kitchenaid spatulas

Di Oro is one of the favorite product brands with a wide range of kitchen accessories. Di Oro Chef Series 3-piece of Silicone Turner Spatula Set has reinforced and flexible silicone blade to make cooking comfortable and enjoyable.
Compare to other best kitchen spatula selections, this set comes with flexible edges and causes easy to flip your food items. These spatulas are made up of high quality and exceptional stylish kitchen items. Di Oro has stainless steel S-core so it can take pressure up to maximum for professional cooks without breaking like cheap plastic models. It can absorb upto 600F heat resistant and best heat resistant spatulas.

Key Features

  • It come up with 3 Piece Turner spatula set  
  • 600F Heat Resistant Spatulas
  • It does not melt, discolor or warp
  • FDA approved, BPA + BPS free
  • Soft grip and non slip with satin finish
  • kitchenaid scraper spatula

​VAPSINT Best Rubber Heat Resistant Silicone Spatulas comes with 4 piece with 4 colour. These specific silicone spatulas are ideal  gift items for professional and home cooks.

The spatulas are non-sticky and perfectly designed for a perfect baking experience. The spatulas have conformatable firm grip and these are very easy to clean. It can absorb upto 600F heat resistant.

Key Features

  • ​It come up with 4 Piece Vapsint Rubber spatula set
  •  600F Heat Resistant Rubber Spatula
  •  Soft grip and non slip with satin finish
  • Easy to wash and clean

​Why buy a Silicone Spatula ?  Buyers Guide !

​Ease of Use: ​Silicone spatulas are light weight than the metal spatulas and have enough rigidity to function exactly same as the metal spatulas while it maintains its flexibility and ergonomics..  
Durability: ​A good quality silicone spatula has a longer durability and maintains its integrity till it’s end of life period. There are wide range of good quality rubber spatula and silicone spatulas you can choose from.
Heat Resistance: ​Due to its high durability and design, a silicone spatula works perfectly against heat and does not melt while it maintains its shape perfectly. You can choose various heat resistant spatulas for your kitchen.
Shape: ​Best quality spatula comes with size and shape that are user friendly. It is likely that spatulas will have edges that might harm the non-stick frypans and pots, but a silicon spatulla / rubber spatula comes with edges made with rubber that doesn’t harm your non-stick frypans. The rubber or silicone part of the spatula is hard enough to help you flip your food but it doesn’t harm your frying pan by any means. There are few clear silicone spatula also you can choose the preferred one.
Size: ​Spatulas come in great variety of sizes and shape, among which you can choose the one you prefer. Different dishes require different types of spatula, and cooking with a wrong sized spatula won’t give you much satisfaction despite its good quality. You can get different size and shape like wide silicone spatula, long handle silicone spatula or narrow silicone spatula.

​Final Verdict

​Among the choices above the qualities of these spatulas are top grade. These silicone spatulas are durable, flexible and easily washable. None of these contain BPA plastics. Also, these spatulas are not likely to melt when you try to cook in high heat (450-600 degree F). According the expert reviews, you should choose spatulas according the type of foods, you should also avoid low quality rubber/ silicone spatulas, the good quality spatulas shouldn’t smell or melt and should endure heat up to 450 – 600 degree F. For many of the spatulas, there are guarantees from manufacturers, hence you may also buy from those manufacturers for extra service. 

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