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Here is my honest review of the Ted’s Woodworking plans. I have collected extensive materials after researching more. Then I put them to make this useful guide for the people. In this review, I describe the important things of the package. I like to offer pros and cons herewith of Teds Woodworking too.

The name of the creator of Teds woodworking is Ted McGrath. This is a great work more than 16000 woodworking plans, reference guides, blueprints, CAD software, videos and much more.

When you have these materials, you can take a woodcraft project in your hand. You get something that some people never thought of.

Ted’s Woodworking contains:

  • There are about 200 pages in Woodworking Guide with many techniques and methods. You can use them for various projects.
  • In the book, there are more than 16000 detailed, clear, easy and accurate instructions. All instructions are about woodwork diagrams. One can imagine these diagrams for any woodwork project.
  • A huge gathering of more than 100 detailed woodworking tips
  • CAD plain viewer and free drawing
  • 150 Premium Woodworking videos – the process of learning through watching
  • Free drawing and CAD plan viewer
  • A Note on “How to Start a Woodworking Business” – move forward to get Profits!

What is The Ted’s Woodworking?

Ted’s Woodworking is a revolutionary program. The plan aids more to complete wooden projects only following simple techniques. Woodworking plan makes everything possible by spending few minutes. One gets the best results in a faster way. Just follow the simple instruction step by step.

What is The Ted’s Woodworking

One can use it to understand the ideas of building woodworking project rapidly. It will explain the diagrams and important parts without any confusion. The writer collected information over 40 years to complete the book.

He gathers information from famous collections of woodworking plans. He desires to make something special that helps to make woodworking project easy.

There are over 16000 complete woodworking projects in this book. Follow the instruction well and complete the project. You can finish the wood project within very short time by following simple instructions.


  • The book is compassed of 16,000 woodworking plans, a CAD/DWG program, video guides, plus some monthly bonuses. CAD or Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) is computer based technology. CAD software alters manual drafting by an automated system. I have never seen such a wonderful program before. If you are a forerunner or intermediate woodworker, the book will help you more. Therefore the book is excellent for me.
  • All plans are explained in details. What you need is just to build up patience. There are clear instructions. All presentations are very simple to read and comprehend. The diagrams are very simple to follow. For that reason, you will face no problem to complete your project. All the instructions are written in such a way that it will lead you to step by step to reach the goal.
  • You have accessed lots of woodworking books, woodworking tips. You notice different types of joints, woods, adhesives, and finishes inside this book. Furthermore, you have gone through guides of intermediate woodworkers and beginners. There are other resources contain cover hinges, kinds of nails, screws and instruments. You need a list of necessary tools to finish any project. Beginners can use an instant list of starter tools. This is a guide to begin your woodworking business from home.
  • Monthly bonuses come with lots of tips, plans, guides etc.
  • Teds Woodworking plan may seem disorganized. I find this is very easy to get a real project I desire to get.
  • The product has 60 days cash back warranty. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, you will get full cash back.


  • You may enter the membranes’ area where you will see some tutorials. You have the option to see some of them on YouTube. Other doesn’t show step by step procedures. You may get a complete idea how things need to look after when they are built. I am not completely happy with this section.
  • The plan contains more than 16,000 woodworks. Some plans may seem disorganized. The reality is that it is very tuff to organize so many plans properly in their exact categories. Then it will take more time to download the plans for their sizes. The membranes are included an alternative to promote to the DVD.

Is it too good to be true?

Not true. It is very good. This is not exact, but it is good no doubt.

Some plans are very bad but included in beef up the sale pitch of more than16, 000 plans.

Some of the schemes are grand. Some are perfect. It is not perfect, yet I am not surprised. This is a massive assortment and hodgepodge of various tactics for all types of products.

Is it too good to be true

You should have well mindset while you are buying Ted’s Woodworking. Admit the reality that you don’t like each plan. You may not like 90% and much of them for many reasons. The plans are terrible, or these do not scheme that you like to build up.

Some plans that you like more are respectable quality. As you construct them, spend money to buy the digital gathering of woodworking plans.

Will I ask for my money back?

No. this is more the value I have paid. I may ask a refund and maybe getting it. I preserve the plans. This is not my style. If I think something more the value I paid, I don’t like to have a refund. I am sure that I will get all the money back at last.

I am sure of my Ted’s Woodworking member part which I may enter into new plans which are included in near future. I do not know if it happens.

Is Ted’s Woodworking just a bunch of ripped off plans?

Many people say Ted’s Woodworking plans are completely taken from countless sources. All are put together to make a mammoth digital plan product. In another way, they claim Ted’s Woodworking is an enormous copyright contravention.

Is Ted’s Woodworking a copyright infringement product (i.e., a scam)?

I have no idea. It is possible. I don’t know therefore I am eager to get somewhat contemplate. Several digital products may be.

I know it well that the product is available for many years. If a great copy rips off, the product may shut down just now. As the product has not shut down yet, it is not copyright infringement… I fail to say it one method or other.

It is sure that Ted has got a license to sell every plan. The schemes are public domain. Ted comes up with few of plans. I have no idea so far. Even though, I have never investigated it by using a fine toothed comb.

Who should buy Ted’s Woodworking?

This is a must for the people who have a desire for DIY projects. The majority of the plans are labeled for a beginner, intermediate or advanced.

You have never made anything or have done any woodworking before. This is well set of tactics to go with as the project includes something for the beginners.

Who should buy Ted’s Woodworking

You may make all types of stuff in your home. Have a glance at all plans or categories mentioned below.

To the close of the day, you can do the odd DIY project or experiment in woodworking. These set of plans are very decent to have in your catalog.

What Can You Learn From Ted’s Woodworking?

  • The program composes of 16,000 woodworking plans having many kinds of projects. The book is small or large does not matter. The package highlights small crafts, kids crafts, furniture design, outdoor projects.
  • You will get a list of new plans every month inside this program. These plans are very useful for your day to day life.
  • You will get A-Z instruction to finish the most challenging woodwork projects. Just follow the simple steps which make users feeling comfortable. All plans include instructions, materials, bills, photos, cutting lists, 3D diagrams and more. It happens with everything that you need to do the job at the right time.
  • The Teds woodworking plan provides tools, the right guidance and confidence to build a scheme. It catches your hand like a little kid and guides you through the scheme. The plan is helpful more until you get the best result.
  • Teds Woodworking plan includes all the tactics to make the woodworking task very easy. When you face difficulties, the guide will help you to overcome the problems. This is very useful tools for everyday woodworkers.

More than just woodworking plans!

Some of the plans have more than the usual wood plans. You may obtain plans for a Garden bench. Besides you can learn how to make a Dog Kennel, how to make a Fence.

You know about a Swing Pet, an Easy Arbor, Doghouse Plans, Nursery Wagon. You come across Feed Cart, Outdoor Fireplaces Storage for Pesticides.

More than just woodworking plans

Teds Woodworking plans enable you to be an expert woodworker. You can finish the woodwork within the possible time that other can’t do. It gives plans for outbuilding and garages too.

You know the way to build an Elevated Sawdust Bin, a Large Garage. Moreover, you can make a Garden Windmill, a Lawn Tool Storage Cabinet and many other projects.

The book teaches you the way to build a shed without spending more money. You can make a great shade by spending few instead of spending more for ready-made sheds. If you have many resources, you can build a wonderful shed for nothing at all.

Ted’s Woodworking system describes it more details. You need not worry about running out of ideas once again.

Finally The Teds Woodworking

Teds Woodworking scheme consists of few categories. You get notions if you may simply find what you desire. The plan includes videos which help anyone to make the top graded furniture.

People may make some other types of wood works by using the plan. It demands a perfect preparation to explain. Select the best player that is just for you.

It seems to me that it is a complete woodworking package and you must grab this chance. If the guide does not perform well, just send an email to customer support teams asking 100% refund. You can ask refund when you are not happy with the product.

They will give all money back without any question. It gives only 60 days cash back warranty. I think the guide is helpful for anyone. It supports you to get the desired results. Therefore better to grab the chance before the offers come to an end.

I hope Teds Woodworking review will be very helpful for you. Best wishes for you.

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