Best YoYo String


What is YoYo?

Yo- yo consists of an axle added with 2 disks and there is a string around the axle. This is normally a toy that has similarities with a slim spool.

One holds the free finish of the string named as a handle, permit gravity to spin the yo-yo and unwind the string.

Players permit the yo-yo to wind itself again in their hands, utilize its spin. The players allow the yoyo to wind itself in the air and then again it comes to the player’s hand. This famous play is named as ‘’yo-yoing’’.

Yo- yoing had a long history. It became favorite to many people for a long time and passed it from generation to generation and cultures.

But yo yo became popular in the 1920s. It was well known to ancient Greece. But now it is associated with Japanese culture.

The reason is that it becomes very accepted in Japan. Japanese dominates the world YoYo contest for a long time. They have taken 71 World Titles over the last 22 years.

Shinji Saito becomes the most colorful yo-your of all time in the 13 World titles. Takeshi Matsuura preserved the second position with 6.

11 Top YoYo

  1. The Duncan YoYo String
  2. The Duncan YoYo String Multi Color items
  3. YONGER 40 YoYo String (10 each with different colour)
  4. YoYo King Green Merlin Professional Responsive YoYo
  5. Unresponsive YOYO, P.lotor Newest Design V1 Polished Alloy Aluminum Professional Yo-yo Ball
  6. Best Yomega YoYo Multi-Color Replacement String
  7. Sage Yoyo Starter Pack
  8. Yoyo King Spin Control Metal Pro Yoyo with Extra Yoyo String (Black)
  9. Yoyo King Merlin Pro Yoyo with Ball Bearing Axle and Extra String … (Black)
  10. MAGICYOYO Responsive Yoyo Ball V6 LOCUS Blue Red Silver Alloy Yoyo for Kids
  11. Yoyo King Double Agent Metal Professional Trick Yoyo and Extra Yoyo String (Green)


Pedro Flores, in 1928, a Filipino settler in the USA opened yo-yo manufacturing company in Santa Barbara, California. He started his business with only a dozen of handmade toys.

By November 1929, Flores set up two more factories in Los Angeles and Hollywood. There he engaged 600 workers, and they produced about 300,000 units every day.

YoYo String History

The fundamental distinction between the ancient yoyos is the yoyo string and the Filipino design popularized by Flores. To make a yoyo, the string is adjusted with the axle by applying a knot. For this method, yoyo goes back and forth; returns freely.

Other than it is difficult to formulate it sleep. For Flores’s design, 1 continuous portion of the string, twice the expected length is curled round something to create a loop to one end.

The loop is fitted round the hinge. This normal little modification ensures sophistication and variety of motion.

Welcome to gear up steadiness and postponement of motion at the time of free spin.

Over past 15 years, yoyo design had changed rapidly and dramatically. The shape of yoyo has gone through a rapid evolution. The simple toy is now becoming very popular and pushing the boundaries of balance and precision.

Presently manufacturers have moved from elegant wooden hand curved toy to the precision balanced metal machine having a big ball bearing.

The shapes of yoyo have changed. Some have weird H shape, hub stacks and even undercuts. Now it has been adapted the butterfly shape and very difficult to recognize its original shape.

Some have asked ‘’ is that a yo yo?’’ really they are not sure. The only thing that can identify them from their grandparents up and down past time is merely the string.

Like other things of yo yo, the string itself has changed somewhat. The modern yoyo strings start out as a type hundred percent cotton strings.

The following big trend in the string is the slick 50/50 poly or cotton bond. Now the good standard is the type, hundred percent polyester strings. At present some small indie string companies have been trying out various things to make yoyo.

However, most of the yoyo strings belong to these three categories and over ninety five percent of them manufactured from the same factory.

Best YoYo String Reviews Professional Toxic YoYo String

The Duncan YoYo String

Duncan YoYo String, White

Round out your collection of juggling goodies with this set of juggling rings! 3 rings are all made of durable plastic. It has rounded handling edges to ensure comfort.

Duncan yoyo string comes with a CD-ROM, featured with video, music, how-to and other bloopers and aerobatics.

There are lots of colors of yoyo on the market. All made from durable plastic. Start off with the fundamentals and prior long you are bound to be a ringer.


  • Has five strings
  • Cotton strings
  • Using for most yo yos


  • Nice strings for wonderful yoyos
  • Splendid strings
  • Best string for YoYo


  • Hopeless for Duncan YoYo string

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The Duncan YoYo String Multi Color items

Duncan YoYo String, Multi Color

The classic plastic Duncan royally Spin Top is the top model in the market, and other manufacturers follow it.

The pop top design will aid you to keep the string along with button within the body of the top. This yoyo is ideal for all top games and tricks. The imperial spin top is made for the novice spin top players having features of lightweight body and non-mar tip.

Its size and weight are great. Even the small children can learn the essentials of spin top play. There is a button, string with every imperial spin top. One can open the button and string to store it.


  • Comes with five strings
  • Cotton strings
  • Nice for most yo-yos


  • Awesome color combination
  • sturdy and exciting


  • None

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YONGER 40 YoYo String (10 each with different colour)

40 Yoyo String (10 Each - Florescent Lime Green, Yellow, Orange, and White) by Zeekio

40 yoyo string is good enough. Each color comes with its label. Some are poly; some are cotton. The white yoyo twisted to the opposite direction.

One may keep these 4 strings set in one cell phone wrapper. My height is 5.10,’’ but they are fit for me. If you are taller than me length is the factor.

The quality of yoyo is incompatible. Some server for a long time whiles another tangle, curl up and unwind speedily.


  • Polyester
  • Has 40 Yoyo strings
  • four packages of ten strings each
  • White, Fluorescent Lime Green, Yellow, and Orange


  • Amazing for the kids
  • Has pre-tied finger loop
  • Appears with cool color
  • You should not cut the strings though you are short
  • Nice for the beginners who do not spend a lot
  • Reasonable price- two bucks for forty strings may be beat
  • Best professional yoyo string


  • Thin

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YoYo King Green Merlin Professional Responsive YoYo

Yoyo King Green Merlin Professional Responsive Yoyo with Narrow C Bearing and Extra String

For the beginner, the Merlin is a great type of string tricks like as the other brands of Braintwister, divide the Atom, Trapeze or the double.

In Merlin yoyo, you get silicone responsive system along with a narrow C sized bearing. For having narrow C bearing, you obtain the correct amount of receptiveness for all standard yoyo tricks.

This C bearing means that you may pull on the string and awake the yoyo. Normally yo yo comes back to your hand just like a conventional yoyo operation.


  • Width: 38.11 mm- Weight: 63.8 grams – Diameter: 54.3 mm
  • Difficult to have stability, long spin times, balance and ease of catching of the string
  • Merlin’s flared gap size put in weight to the outer side of the yoyo for fast extended spins.
  • Silicone responsive method. Ball bearing axle for more long spin times. Comes with a yoyo string.
  • Narrow C sized bearing. Twice plastic construction. When you like nonresponsive yo-yoing, just put in wide C bearing, and all are ready.


  • Comes with replacement response pads and two strings
  • Super weight
  • Great sleep time


  • Sleeping time is nice if you don’t begin string tricks.

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Unresponsive YOYO, P.lotor Newest Design V1 Polished Alloy Aluminum Professional Yo-yo Ball

Unresponsive YOYO, P.lotor Newest Design V1 Polished Alloy Aluminum Professional Yo-yo Ball with Gift Package

As a learner of unresponsive play, you are affording to buy a nice yo yo. This yo yo is very nice to look at and has a smooth spin.

The problem is that it can break easily. Baby can cry for a new one. When he sees this one, he feels this is the best day as he says yo yo may not break anymore.

Yo yo is a very popular toy and my 8 year old son likes it very much. The top graded yo yo comes in a great package with 3 color ropes. The product is very excellent, and I can sometimes play with my son altogether.


  • This yoyo is the latest insensitive yoyo, accepts size CKK bearing along with great speed stable revolution and has the highest sleeping time.
  • Made of high quality 6061aluminum having streamlined design and anodic oxidation quality that is anti-corrosive. This yoyo looks very shining in hands.
  • The latest design of yoyo is V1 which has a decent and gorgeous package. It is a wonderful gift for your families and friends who like yoyo game most. This is best YoYo ever.


  • Alloy made of aluminum, looks shiny and feels good
  • Decent package
  • Holds more sleeping time, nice to perform trick
  • The nice toy is having golden splashes. Moreover, workmanship is also good


  • None

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Best Yomega YoYo Multi-Color Replacement String

YomegaYoYo Multi-Color Replacement String

The string is fit for all types of yo yo. Its bright color is very appealing to the users. Info from Yomega:

Youmega Formula 6TM string is a combination of polyester and cotton string aimed at long lasting play with accurate width and consistency.

For repeated use, yo yo strings should be replaced frequently. The poly or cotton blend is more durable and stronger than the conventional cotton for trustworthy performance.


  • Possible instructions are give
  • display case your best trick
  • assorted neon color strings
  • 30 days money back guarantee


  • Nice purchase
  • As desired
  • If you like to have multipack, this is a good string


  • Not perfect for pro users

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Sage Yoyo Starter Pack (Black) Sage Yoyo Starter Pack (Black)

Sage Yoyo has a long lasting POM plastic body, nice for the beginners. Very simple to use and has long sleep times. One can easily bring it to his hands.

It comes with 30 extra yoyo strings which will be playing it for months or years. It is structured to keep aspiring yoyo players to the 1st track to do the advanced yoyo tricks.

The sage yoyo pack is best, to begin with. All the beginners use it very well by taking help from the tutorials. The color of the string of yoyo is chosen randomly.


  • Do not think more about broken yoyo strings. In a pack, you will get 30 replacement strings
  • Manufacturers suggest sage yoyo for the starting players.
  • Comes with tricks thick yoyo lube to save the sage bearing and preserves it playing approachable.
  • Long lasting POM plastic permits the sage yoyo stands up to scratches and bumps.
  • Try to know more about all developed tricks of the sage yoyo.


  • Various color
  • Soft
  • durable


  • Not to munch long

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Unlike bearings, string have better defined uses

You may call it old faith or old yeller if you are a firm modernist. For a long time, this type of string was used greatly. This string is rough and thick. In 2013, this string was very useful for wooden yo yos such as TMBR Irving.

The cause is that with a wooden axle, the wooden yo yos make more friction. When there is high RPM, a wooden axle may melt through hundred percent polyester strings easily.

Unlike bearings, string have better defined uses

Slick 6 fair is superior but weaker than 100% cotton string. Normally it may burn through when you play hard. Though it lasts longer than the low melting point of polyesters.

When you burn through a cotton string, you will notice frayed end darkens and sweet smell burnt wood on the axle.

You may add a dab of candle wax to the yoyo string to lessen the possibilities of burning through the cotton.

At the time of playing with wooden fixed axle yoyo, this string is good enough for your grandfather. This is good enough for you.

Slick 6

It is a 50/50 polyester or cotton blend which is 2 strands thinner rather than 8 type cotton. This kind of strings became very famous to people in late 90s or the early of 2000s. It is thinner to keep smaller gapped bearing yo-yos.

The polyblend aids to strengthen the thinner and weaker strings. Slick 6 is softer than 8 type cotton. It has some elasticity that you do not get in cotton.

Now the string is very popular for small bearing yo-yos and 2A play. It lasts for a longer time and has less elasticity than 100% poly to play 2A well.

If the elasticity wears out, the string becomes somewhat thinner. This makes the string less approachable and more flat for slicking a bump for a dry hand. If you use the string for 1A play, you have to change it frequently.

Type 6 100% Polyester

This has become a new standard from a few years back. The string had more elasticity and stretched a full inch or more. I am a player of the yoyo.

I have cut a little bit string to make it comfortable for my hand and to accommodate elasticity. Slick 6 string 100% poly has different colors.

I have chosen yellow poly string from the other colors. This type of strings is normally used to make a big ball bearing yo yos.  The string is made of synthetic fibers which last for a long time. It is soft to touch.

As it lasts for a long time, the polyester string gets dirty before it wears out and necessary to change anyway. If you keep your hands clean, you may use poly string for lots of playing hours before replacing the string.

If you closely see it, you will notice not much change on the string front. At present manufacturing companies have emerged and tried different things. I haven’t tried all of them, but I have used one of the most popular brands named Kitty string.

Kitty String

Kitty string is all synthetic hundred percent polyester strings. But the difference is the twist. Usual 6 strings compose of 2 strands of fiber crisped together to make 1 thicker strand.

Take 3 thick strands, twist them all together and then fold in half for the 3×2 string. Type 8 is the similar process unless you use 4 thick strands folded altogether.

Usual kitty string is different. It is similar to conventional 6 type poly. There is thin fiber twisted along with 11 thin strands which are folded altogether.

As the fibers are very thin, you may call it 11×1 strings. Use it and see the difference. Finally, you will be happy and think this is just for you.

Final Verdict

Select something made of polyester. They will last for a long time and perform well. I have used kitty strings, and their performance is very excellent.

They are not stiff, conserve great tension, seems bunches of colors. They all last for a longer time.

One thing is very important to follow. Before using the string, wash your hand. The reason is that oils of your hand may break down the yoyo.

Moreover, oil can make the string grippy and would not last for a long time. G string, Candy wire, Kitty and Twisted all make fine stuff. Purchase some 5 packs and notice what you prefer.