In GTA IV, gloves are a rare and unique item that can only be obtained through specific means. To get gloves in GTA IV, the player must first purchase them from a clothing store. After purchasing the gloves, the player must then go to their safehouse and equip them.

The player can also find gloves by searching for them in dumpsters or on the street.

Gloves are one of the many personalization options you can choose for your GTA IV protagonist. Though they don’t offer any practical in-game advantage, they do look pretty cool. Here’s how to get gloves in GTA IV:

First, head over to Perseus on Crockett Avenue in Algonquin. This clothing store specializes in high-end fashion, and you’ll find a wide selection of gloves here. Once you’re inside, browse the racks until you find a pair of gloves that you like.

You can try them on by pressing “X” (Xbox 360) / “Square” (PS3), and then purchase them with “Y” (Xbox 360) / “Triangle” (PS3). If you don’t have enough money to buy a pair of gloves at Perseus, don’t worry – there are other ways to get them. One is to simply steal a pair from someone else.

To do this, approach someone wearing gloves and press “LT” (Xbox 360) / “L2” (PS3) to enter into pickpocket mode. Then use the left analog stick to navigate the cursor over their gloves and press “X” (Xbox 360) / “Square” (PS3) when prompted. If successful, you’ll lift their gloves right off their hands!

Another way to get gloves is to complete certain missions or side-quests that reward them as a prize. For example, completing all of Stevie’s vehicle thefts will net you a free pair of driving gloves – very useful if you plan on doing a lot of driving in GTA IV! So keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to score some sweet glove action.

GTA IV: How to get Gloves – (GTA 4 Fingerless Gloves)

How Do You Buy Gloves in Gta?

There are a few ways to buy gloves in GTA. The first way is to go to any Ammu-Nation store and purchase them from the clerk. The second way is to find a clothing store that sells gloves, such as Sub Urban or Zip.

The third way is to find a glove box in one of the many vehicles scattered throughout GTA’s map.

Where are Gloves Gta?

There are gloves in GTA, but their locations are not yet known.

How Do You Put on Gloves in Gta?

In Grand Theft Auto V, there are a few ways to put on gloves. The first way is to go into your inventory and select the “Wear” option for the gloves you want to put on. Another way is to open the interaction menu and go to the “Clothing” tab.

Select the gloves you want to wear from this menu.

Can You Get Jewelry in Gta4?

Although jewelry plays a very small role in Grand Theft Auto IV, it is possible to acquire some pieces throughout the course of the game. The most common way to get jewelry is to simply find it lying around on the ground or in abandoned vehicles. However, there are a few specific missions and side-quests that will also net you some nice bling.

One mission that will award you with jewelry is “ Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend ”, given to you by Gracie Ancelotti. During this mission, you must help Gracie retrieve her stolen diamonds from a group of thugs. Upon completion of the mission, Gracie will give you a diamond necklace as thanks.

There is also a chance to earn some jewelry during the random event “Jewelry Store Heist”. In this event, four men will attempt to rob a nearby jeweler at gunpoint. If you intervene and stop the robbery, the jeweler will offer you a reward – which can include anything from cash to diamond rings.

Finally, if you happen to have acquired enough money through other means (such as completing missions or selling drugs), you can always just purchase your own jewelry outright from any one of Liberty City’s many fine jewelers!

Gta Iv How to Get Gloves


Gta 4 How to Unlock Gloves

In GTA 4, there are two ways to unlock gloves for your character. The first way is to simply buy them from a clothing store. The second way is to complete the “Wearing Nice Clothes” mission, which is given by Brucie Kibbutz.

After completing this mission, you will be able to purchase gloves from any clothing store.

Gta Iv Fingerless Gloves Mod

Gta Iv Fingerless Gloves Mod: Do you want to add some style to your GTA IV game play? If so, then you should check out the fingerless gloves mod.

This simple mod changes the default glove textures to ones that are more stylish and modern. The best part about this mod is that it is completely free and easy to install. To install the mod, simply download it from the link below and then follow the instructions included in the readme file.

Once installed, you’ll need to activate it by opening up the “mods” folder located in your GTA IV installation directory. Then, simply double-click on the “fingerless_gloves” folder and select “Enable.” That’s all there is to it!

Now, when you start up GTA IV, you’ll see that your character’s hands are now sporting some sweet looking fingerless gloves. You can even choose from a variety of different colors and styles. So go ahead and grab this mod today – it’s sure to add some extra flair to your game play!

How to Get Fingerless Gloves in Gta 4

In GTA 4, there are two ways to get fingerless gloves. The first way is to buy them from a clothing store. The second way is to find them in the game world.

To buy fingerless gloves, go to any of the following clothing stores: • Perseus (Algonquin) • Modo (Algonquin)

• Discount Store (Alderney) At each of these stores, you will find a variety of gloves for sale, including several pairs of fingerless gloves. Once you purchase a pair of gloves, they will be available for use immediately.

To find fingerless gloves in the game world, look for them in trash cans or on the ground in certain areas. Some good places to look are:


In GTA IV, there are two types of gloves that you can obtain – the black leather gloves and the white rubber gloves. To get the black leather gloves, you must first complete the mission “Bleed Out” for Dwayne Forge. After completing this mission, head to the clothing store “Modo” and purchase the gloves for $80.

To get the white rubber gloves, simply go to any ATM machine and withdraw money.