How To Break In A Baseball Glove

Baseball season is very near. It is time to be ready for the game. The thing that comes to mind is how to break in a baseball glove and breaking it in.

There are lots of ways to break the gloves for the players. Some of the methods are possible to use individually, and some needs help from others.

Each player has his formal procedure. I can remember that my dad showed me the way to get a broken glove that made Willie Mayes jealous.

Here included some suggestions and tips to break the baseball by keeping these ideas in mind. I have heard and seen my baseball is playing for many years.

Attempt to get one that is fit for your need. Use one that is right for your hand. Make a pocket inside the gloves to invite the ball more.

Soften the leather

Brand new baseball gloves are somewhat rigid. This is why you need to soften up the leather. There are few ways to do it:

The most probable way to soften up the baseball glove is to use it more and more. This is the traditional and most preferred way to break the gloves. Take one or two friends with you and practice with them.

Soften the leather

The glove breaks easily and prepares for the session. There is no risk of breaking down your gloves. Most players like this method as it is free from any difficulty.

The only problem with this system is that it takes a long time doing it. One has to spend a whole season to make it comfortable for use in the field.

You need to attend the game the next Monday. So you have to do it in a faster way, keep reading.

One can break the baseball gloves by using lubricants and oils. Though there are many controversies amongst the players in this matter. Some say you may use it though other say it should not.

They say oil and lubricants deteriorate the mitt quickly. Gloves may seem heavier when leather soaks up all the liquid.

I like to use some types of agents for my glove. My glove remains in a proper condition. There is no effect on my glove so far.

If you have a desire, you may soften your glove by rubbing it down same as a Swedish masseuse.

You need to be sure what types of lubricants you are using. You have the freedom to use what you like.

Manufacturers suggest some lubricants. You have to use only those lubricants. Here is a list of non-exclusive list what you may try:

  • Vaseline
  • Baby oil
  • Saddle soap
  • Shaving cream
  • exceptional glove oils

What one decides to apply is the matter of that person. I use a can of my dad’s Barbasol shaving cream.

Its price is low and performance is nice. Move ahead to experiment with a different substance to get the best one.

The selections of substance are completely up to you. But you must not go overboard. Don’t douse your glove into the baby oil to make it soft and nice.

Use a drizzle and work it with the leather. Do the same process for the more expected result.

Beat it up

The time-saving way to make the glove soften is to beat the hell off the glove. Take a ball pen hammer and begin to pound the outer and inner side of the baseball glove.

Beat it up

You may lay your glove in the ground and take a baseball to do it like a bookie to few kneecaps. I don’t like the method.

You may get a softer glove by the combination of manly aggression, real dirt and a baseball bat. They bless you with a soft mitt.

Heat it up

I have heard that many players soften the gloves by hitting it up. I have never done so. Applying heat to make the baseball glove is a very touchy matter.

Heat may affect the leather of the gloves like using oil. It may deteriorate the condition of the leather than the normal position.

Steaming the Glove

Use conditioning oil on the glove. Spray or coat the whole upper part of the glove. You can use more oil with the lace to make it more protected.

Keep it for few minutes and after that soak up its conditioner. Finally wipe the gloves with a towel as long as it dries.

Steaming the Glove

Keep the glove on a rack over a pot of water. Then turn on your burner. Keep the gloves few inches over the water to escape splashing?

Set up the cover lid and a big upside-down bowl above the glove for entrapping the steam. Keep the glove inside the steam from 2 to 5 minutes.

It is up to your desired softness of leather you like. You like to use temperature up to 150 degrees F for the glove.

  • Many sporting-goods shops give specialized glove-steaming service. Some manufacturers steam a new glove without any cost at the time of buying it.

Now take out glove out of the steam. Then twist the stove off. Wait for some time to recover the glove its natural condition. Dry up the glove by using a towel. Now the glove is now very flexible.

Go in the shape of the glove by a mallet. Crinkle the glove 1/2 as the hands rest on top and may hit the heel near the thumb wall.

Do it with the mallet to curve the material. Do the process in your way to the heart of the glove.

Apply heat to the expected spot to create a pocket. You can desire a shallow and deeper pocket up to your desire.

–    Strike the glove close to the webbing toward deeper pocket and more ahead of the palm for a low pocket of the glove.

Turn over the glove and strike the heel close to the pinky part of the glove. Your glove is now very simple to untie and close. Play catches with the glove for sometimes to complete the breaking process.

Manhandling a Glove

The method is nice for moving towards risks. You are throbbing the pocket of the glove to make a pocket and soften the leather.

Manhandling a Glove

You need an old baseball or a glove mallet to create your mallet. We advise you to take a genuine glove mallet as it is meant to use for softball or baseball gloves. What you like to do are as follow:

  • Put on the glove as usual. It seems you are wearing it.
  • Take the mallet by your throwing hand and hit the pocket of the glove.
  • As you desire to smash the glove more, remove the glove from the hand. Lay down the glove to palm side on the floor and hit the flipside.

Some guides suggest you dump the leather and then lay it under the sun. Our suggestion is to avoid the sun and water out. Be strict with the steps mentioned above.

You may use the mentioned methods to break the baseball fielding glove. You think what way will be fit to break the softball glove.

The same system will be fit for it. Apply a softball in the place of baseball to make the pocket huge enough.

Using Glove Foam

Go to a sporting-goods store and purchase a baseball-glove. The process is same as the breaking in an innovative glove for 6 months.

Use foam then lather it inside the glove. Envelop the whole outer of the glove. Coat the end of the glove. Soak the material up for few minutes.

Using Glove Foam

Keep the glove on a 300 F oven up to 4 minutes. Keep the bubbles glove with a cloth-covered burning sheet. Put it on the top of the stand of the oven.

–    Use the kitchen regulator to be sure that you apply accurate heat on the glove. Do not let the glove to take more heat for a long time.

Take out the glove out of the stove cautiously. Make it completely cool. Remove any deposit from the conduct.

Work with the gloves for 10 minutes or more according to your way. Enter a softball or baseball into the glove’s sweet spot where you would like to catch the ball. Permit it to be cool around the ball.

–    Note: manufacturers suggest not using heat or chemical to break the gloves. You can follow the mentioned steps in control. More heat and chemical treatment may destroy suppleness and comfort remaining in the leather.



  • Breaking a new glove may take time as well as patience.
  • Make contact with the manufacturers to be sure your preferred way won’t exceed the warranty.
  • The best way to make the glove soft is to play grasp with the glove. The longer time you do; the better result you will get. Experts star this process with hitting the glove with the wooden mallet. They finish the process by playing catches and want someone to break the glove for them. They do it to cast the gloves by their hands.
  • Don’t use plastic gloves. These gloves would not last long.
  • Use mint oil on the thumb of the glove with a spongy cloth. The oil makes the leather soft and easy to break the leather.


  • Wrapping the glove with the help of a rubber band may leave spots in the glove. You can exercise a cloth or an old belt to wrap the glove. There is no effect these wrapping materials.
  • When your child finds an innovative glove, let not break it for her or him. Normally your hands are bigger than hers. So you can stretch the within of the glove out more.
  • You must be careful at the time of using softball gloves or expensive baseball gloves. Oven heating, petroleum jelly, foams and direct sun heat may destroy the longevity and appearance of the gloves. Apply one of the mentioned methods with great care.
  • Don’t permit other to utilize the glove as long as you have finished the breaking process. You like to fit the glove of your hand like a glove.

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