The sport of Ultimate Frisbee is one that is on the rise in popularity, and with that increase comes more opportunities for those talented enough to earn a scholarship playing the sport they love. Here are a few tips on how to get an Ultimate Frisbee scholarship. First and foremost, focus on your academics.

Many scholarships take GPA into account when awarding money, so make sure you’re keeping up with your grades in addition to excelling at Ultimate. Secondly, get involved with as manyUltimate programs as possible. There are often tryouts or selection processes for various teams or leagues, so showcase your skills and try to make it onto as many squads as you can.

This will not only give you more experience playing the sport, but also increase your visibility to potential coaches or scouts who may be able to help you earn a scholarship. Finally, be dedicated to improving your game. Work hard at practices and put extra time into perfecting your technique outside of regular team activities.

If you show a willingness to improve and work hard both on and off the field, you’ll be more likely to catch the eye of someone who can help make your dream of playing college Ultimate a reality.

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  • There is no such thing as a Ultimate Frisbee scholarship
  • There are, however, scholarships available for students who play Ultimate Frisbee through their college or university
  • To be eligible for these scholarships, students must typically be enrolled in an accredited institution and be playing on an official school-sponsored team
  • Some organizations also require that students maintain a certain grade point average
  • More information about specific requirements can be found by contacting the Ultimate Frisbee organization in your area

Colleges That Offer Ultimate Frisbee Scholarships

With the popularity of Ultimate Frisbee on the rise, more and more colleges are offering scholarships for students who excel at the sport. If you’re looking to continue your Ultimate career in college, here are some schools that offer scholarships specifically for Ultimate players. The University of Oregon is one of the most well-known schools for Ultimate Frisbee.

They have an impressive team that has won numerous national championships, and they offer scholarships specifically forUltimate players. The University of Minnesota also has a strong Ultimate team and offers scholarships to students who want to pursue the sport in college. Other notable colleges with Ultimate programs include Stanford University, James Madison University, and Tufts University.

Whether you’re looking to compete at the highest level or just play for fun, there’s likely a college out there with an Ultimate Frisbee program that’s right for you. And with scholarship money available, there’s no reason not to give it a shot!

College Scholarships Ultimate Frisbee

If you love Ultimate Frisbee, there are college scholarships available to help you pay for your education. Here is everything you need to know about Ultimate Frisbee scholarships so you can pursue your passion and get financial aid for school. Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that combines elements of football, basketball, and soccer.

It is played with a flying disc or Frisbee™ on a field similar to football or soccer. Two teams of seven players each compete to score points by passing the disc to teammates in their end zone. The game was invented in 1968 by high school students in Maplewood, New Jersey, USA.

College campuses quickly adopted the sport and it has grown in popularity ever since. There are now thousands of college ultimate programs across the United States and Canada. Ultimate Frisbee is governed by the Collegeultimate ( organization which promotes Spirit of the Game™ – an emphasis on fair play, sportsmanship, and respect for all participants – as an essential element of competition at all levels of play.

There are many college scholarships available for Ultimate Frisbee players. These can be found through search engines like fastweb ( or collegiate Disc Golf Association (https://www..collegiatediscgolfassociation…). Scholarships vary from full tuition coverage to smaller amounts that can cover other expenses like books or housing costs while attending college.

Colleges With Ultimate Frisbee

Are you looking for a college with an Ultimate Frisbee team? Here’s a list of colleges with Ultimate Frisbee teams that you can check out! Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that is growing in popularity, and there are now many college teams across the country.

If you’re interested in playing Ultimate Frisbee in college, here are some schools to consider: -Amherst College (MA) -Brown University (RI)

-Carleton College (MN) -Columbia University (NY) -Cornell University (NY)

-Dartmouth College (NH) -Harvard University (MA) -Middlebury College (VT)

These are just a few of the colleges with Ultimate Frisbee teams. To find more, check out the website for USA Ultimate, the governing body for the sport. There, you can search for college teams by state or region.

Do Colleges Recruit for Ultimate Frisbee

While colleges have been recruiting for Ultimate Frisbee for a few years now, the sport is still relatively new at the collegiate level. This means that there are not as many scholarships available for Ultimate Frisbee players as there are for other sports. However, there are a number of colleges and universities that do offer scholarships for Ultimate Frisbee players.

The majority of college Ultimate Frisbee programs are found on the West Coast, in states like California, Oregon, and Washington. There are also a number of college Ultimate Frisbee programs on the East Coast, in states like Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. In addition to these two regions, there are also college Ultimate Frisbee programs in Colorado, Texas, and Minnesota.

If you’re interested in playingUltimate FrisBee at the collegiate level, it’s important to start doing your research early. Talk to your high school coach or another adult who knows about the sport to get more information about which colleges have programs and what kind of scholarship opportunities might be available to you. You can also visit the website of USA Ultimate (the governing body for the sport of ultimate frisbee) to learn more about collegiate ultimate frisbee programs around the country:

Best Ultimate Frisbee Colleges

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just getting started, college is a great time to get involved with Ultimate Frisbee. There are plenty of colleges out there with strong Ultimate programs, but which ones are the best? Here’s our list of the best Ultimate Frisbee colleges in the country.

North Carolina-Chapel Hill: The UNC Tar Heels have been a force to be reckoned with in the world of collegiate Ultimate for years. They boast several national championships and consistently rank among the top teams in the country. If you want to play at the highest level of college Ultimate, UNC is definitely the place to be.

Ohio State University: Ohio State may not have quite as much success as UNC on the national stage, but they’re still one of the premier programs in the country. They have a strong tradition of excellence and always field competitive teams. If you want to play in a big program with a lot of history, Ohio State is definitely worth considering.

University of Colorado-Boulder: Boulder has quickly become one of the hottest spots for Ultimate Frisbee in recent years. The CU Buffaloes have established themselves as one of the top programs in the country, thanks in part to their stunning location and passionate fan base. If you’re looking for an up-and-coming program with tons of potential, Boulder should definitely be on your radar.

These are just three of the many great colleges forUltimate Frisbee players out there. No matter what kind of experience you have or what level you want to compete at, there’s sure to be a school that’s perfect for you. So get out there and start exploring your options!

How to Get a Ultimate Frisbee Scholarship


Can You Get Scholarships for Ultimate Frisbee?

Yes, you can get scholarships for Ultimate Frisbee. There are a number of colleges and universities that offer scholarships for Ultimate Frisbee players. The amount of the scholarship varies from school to school, but it is typically a partial scholarship that covers some of the costs of tuition, room and board, and books.

Some schools also offer full scholarships for Ultimate Frisbee players.

Can You Get Recruited for Ultimate Frisbee?

Yes, you can get recruited for Ultimate Frisbee. There are a few ways to go about this. You can look online for colleges that haveUltimate Frisbee teams and try out for them.

Or, you can go to Ultimate Frisbee tournaments and showcase your skills in front of college scouts who may then recruit you for their team. Finally, you can reach out to college coaches directly and inquire about joining their team.

Is Ultimate Frisbee a Scholarship Sport?

Yes, Ultimate Frisbee is a scholarship sport. There are many colleges and universities that offer scholarships for Ultimate Frisbee players. The amount of the scholarship varies from school to school, but it is usually a full or partial tuition waiver.

Some schools also offer room and board, books, and other expenses in addition to the tuition waiver.

What Colleges Play Ultimate Frisbee?

Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that is growing in popularity on college campuses across the country. There are a number of colleges that have Ultimate Frisbee teams, and the sport is played at both the club and varsity level. Some of the colleges that have Ultimate Frisbee teams include: Brown University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, James Madison University, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, and many others.

Ultimate Frisbee is a great way to stay active and meet new people while in college. If you are interested in playing Ultimate Frisbee, be sure to check out your school’s team or see if there is a club team that you can join.


The author discusses how to get a scholarship for Ultimate Frisbee. He or she explains that there are not many scholarships available for the sport, but there are some ways to increase your chances of getting one. He or she advises athletes to start by looking for schools that have strong Ultimate programs and then contacting the coaches at those schools.

He or she also recommends seeking out advice from players who have already received scholarships.