How To Make A Phone Holder

Easy Diy Phone Holder with Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper rolls are very important materials to apply in crafts. These things are very near to our hands. We get it when we need it. With this how to make phone holder.

We do not know about tossing out the rolls. When you notice the craft, you may not want to do it as well. Now we are turning it into DIY phone keepers.

You are astonished! We are using 2 toilet paper rolls and wrapping papers and paper napkins to make a special gift.

Someone will preserve the gift for a long time. Who doesn’t prefer a handmade present offered by someone for the kids?

Besides, our moms and dads use the phone holders / phone stand for them. We discover that the toilet paper roll holders may catch our mini I-pad at a horizontal point. Double score!

This type of craft is very simple to build this is a model gift for loved one or for the friends on any circumstance.

You can try it at your home. Now read the comments beneath and know how DIY Phone Holder can turn out.

The things that are essential to make DIY phone holders:

  • Scissors
  • 2 vacant toilet paper rolls
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Mod Podge®
  • A little piece of packaging paper or a paper napkin

Steps to create our DIY phone holder / DIY phone stand

Steps to create our DIY phone holder


Start your action by cutting 1 toilet paper into 2 equal halves. The underneath brace of the roll keeps the phone or works as a small I-pad.


Take 2 halves cut in your hand, use hot glue 1 side. Then stack it so it sits just within one another. The aim is to construct the cell phone stand strong.


Take another roll of the toilet paper and make a slash all the lines across.


To make the foundation of the DIY phone stand, keep a row of warm glue across the edges of the halves toilet paper rolls. Instantly insert the hold glued border to the toilet papers roll that is cut release. Force it and hold tightly for ten seconds. All are presented in the Videos.


Turn up the toilet paper roll stand over and keep 1 more band of hot glue to the rear side of the close. To have more extra sound, keep one last strip of warm glue to the back presented in the picture below.


Catch a little piece of covering paper or paper napkin and begin decorating DIY phone owner. To resist air foam and get the smoothest result, we use Mod Podge in tiny sections. Lastly, rub the materials as we like to move forward.


Neat the last parts of the packaging paper ends dangling on the phone container. Note: all are great if the paper napkin splits somewhat you may decoupage. You may add some glue to it to have a typical look.


Lastly, we like to put in nice end caps. Besides we like to trace the finish of the toilet paper spin on black edifice paper. Separate them and use hot glue to the black circle of the DIY phone stand. Now we understand, what does DIY stand for?

Learn to Make Donut Phone Holder

Cell phones are essential things in our everyday life, aren’t they? Every day we spoil our phone in any way.

We always like to keep our cell phones and forgetting it all the times. But this DIY tutorial would resist you from doing this occasionally.

Learn to Make Donut Phone Holder

The DIY Donut Phone Holder is tempting. You have no alternative but to keep the phone inside the holder. There is no possibility to lose the phone here and there.

Things You Need with how to make phone holder

  • Glue
  • Cardboard
  • Brush
  • Acrylic Color/ Chat Paper
  • Cutter/ Acto knife
  • CD Disk
  • Scissor
  1. Get a cardboard and put a CD or any circular thing you like.
  2. Be sure the size of the circle should not be smaller than the phone. Extended circle gives more space to hold the cell phone inside.
  3. Take a cutter or an actor knife and cut the circle. Draw a tiny circle in the center of it same as a donut.
  4. Next, cut two inches from the bottom as the donut holder position firmly.
  5. Take 1 or more cupboard and follow the similar method so that you have 2 sides or your donut holder.
  6. Then you find 2 of the sides, get four or five more circular cardboard of the similar size
  • Cut the base with similar procedure on both sides like the previous one
  • Cut the little circle in the center
  • Finally cut the cardboard in ½
  1. At present attach all the parts all together, and you may have a final material such as this:
  2. When your phone holder is ready, you may paint it or stick chart paper with the similar procedure
  3. You can cut the cardboard at the base to enter a charger when you stay your phone in charge.
  4. Glue colorful little bands to make it just like a donut. Or you may customize it according to your will.
  5. Now you know how to make cell phone holder for desk.
  6. Now you have Donut Phone Holder in your house that draws the attention of the visitors

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