How To Teach A Dog To Catch A Frisbee

Exercising cool games like Frisbee is one of the best things about having a dog. Some dogs like to play with the popular flying disk; others have to learn how the game functions…

Many dog owners think that teaching Frisbee to their dogs is a complicated task. Many people are of the opposite opinion.

They say that teaching Frisbee is very simple. Getting the pet to comprehend that you want the dog to catch it and bring it to you.

Try to throw some flying discs towards the dog. You will find that the dog naturally learns it.

Teaching your dog to catch a Frisbee is not a very simple task as you think so. The task is very hard for me. I have tried this many times but failed more and more.

Even I face difficulties to teach my dog, Maya. The dog keeps waiting until Frisbee falls on the ground same as a ball prior she holds it. My dog does not understand what I am going to try to hold in the air.

As I am facing a problem, I decided to promote the net to get if there is another alternative to teach Maya to hold the Frisbee.

I have searched more and found some instructional videos. Learned that there are some other ways to teach the dog to hold the Frisbee. I have learned it though I am not doing the wrong thing. There are also better ways.


Purchase a minimum of two *dog* discs. All human discs (Frisbee) may wound your dog. You have to buy discs from the popular bands like Aerobie, Hero, and Hyperflite.

How To Teach A Dog To Catch A Frisbee

These discs are made specially to reduce the possibilities of injuring your dogs. There are some discs for the destructive dogs named as the HyperfliteJawz and soft floppy discs as well (the AerobieDogogbie).

The Flippy Flopper is a soft type of fabric disc found in most of the stores. The Kong Flyer may be your good choice.

Inspire your dog to be excited about the discs by associating with it with the positive things. For example:

Apply the disc same as a feeding bowl for a week.

  • Massage warm dog on the disc and admire the dog for chasing it.
  • Play snatch modestly with the disc. Permit your dog to win. Don’t rip the disc from the mouth of the dog.
  • When the dog show any drive to get the disc, reward it. It means that when the dog jumps up and holds the disc from your hand without waiting for you to offer, this is a positive attempt.
  • Don’t permit your dog to drop the disc. All-time use the second disc to persuade your dog to drop the second disc from the mouth. Always promote your dog’s drive to get and have the disc.

You can throw rollers in the air instead of throwing the disc so that the discs roll on the earth just like a wheel. This aids your dog to catch a ball to recover a disc.

Dogs like to follow discs with this procedure. It motivates them to target the disc and catches it.

Toss the disc in the air and exchange with the rollers. You can start with slow throwing. You must be careful so that the disc can’t hit the dog. At first, your dog may let the disc hit the ground prior retrieving it.

After 100 or more throws, the dog can grab the disc for the first time out of the air. You must be patient in this practice.

Promote your dog’s drive to hold the disc. Gradually your dog may be used to the flying disc. Know the way to track the disc from the air.

You normally don’t like the disc to drop so badly. After some time the dog would not wait to grab it from the air.

Finally, the dog holds all the discs from the air with its first attempt. You are waiting for this memorable moment. Congratulation!  Now you have a disc dog!

Get ready to be astonished, in the mean time, you can learn techniques yourself.

Five tips that helped us make Eden into a disc dog

Five tips that helped us make Eden into a disc dog

1: Assess your dog’s build and disc interest

At first, like some other canine sports, your dog’s build may play surely as a part of its ability to be a disc dog. Suppose, brachycephalic dogs (French bulldogs, bulldogs, pugs, possibly some boxers, etc.) would never be disc dogs they are only for anatomy.

The nose of the dog is not big enough to grab the disc. It is true that toy breeds may get enjoy holding the disc but sheer size face difficulties.

Dogs that can catch flying discs tend to be from 30 to 60 pounds. These dogs have very agile state of health, and those are fit enough.

There are some exceptions in this regard. Some dogs who fail to win champions may truly enjoy catching the disc. But this limitation promotes towards truth.

Secondly, you have to know whether your dog is interested in Frisbee or not. When the dog likes it, it seems to you that Frisbee is the greatest reward for your dog than food.

When Pyrrha is given the preference between Frisbee and some cheese, it chooses cheese every time.

Eden shows opposite behavior in such case. The disc is dearer to it than the food. This is a clear implication that you have a potential disc dog in your hand.

2: Buy the professional-grade discs

When you see your dog is much interested in the disc, you need to choose professional grade dog discs by Hyperflite.

Standard Frisbee is thinner plastic that may splinter when the dog spends more time with it.

Buy the professional-grade discs

The dog damages its mouth and the disc for doing this practice. The Jawz discs are valuable, but these are worth for each penny.

Tip: Don’t keep the discs here and there in your home and yard. A determined dog can damage them.

Keeping them outside may grow interested in your dog about the disc. We keep our discs in the backyard in our shed.

Eden freaks out the discs any time when we to go the shed for any cause. As it is a sign that Frisbee is going to be started.

3: Buy two!

Buying 2 discs at a time is a wise decision. We face difficulties when we begin training with Edie with one disc. Train your dog with two discs so that the dog can keep one disc in its mouth always.

When you have only one disc, your dog is less provoked to carry the disc to you. The cause is that you are going to take it away from its mouth and then what does she have.

The dog chases the disc and notices back of you. You have another disc in your hand.

The dog is more eager to return the disc to your hand. It gives some waiting or dropping behavior to have the second disc in the air.

4: Start small

Baby steps. Begin with few tracking exercises. After that, begin with short tosses. Don’t throw the disc toward the dog directly but rather up in the air. It seems you are tossing pizza dough.

Start Small-How To Teach A Dog To Catch A Frisbee

At first, let your dog keep the Frisbee in its mouth when it catches. If the dog misses, it praises it warmly.

Just hold onto the disc yourself and again attempt another small toss. Do the same procedure again and again until your dog may catch the disc on its own.

You have to praise your dog generously. You can add more food reward when you think the dog needs additional encouragement.

When your dog becomes the master of this shorter art, you have to build elevation and distance into your throw.

5: Train polite behavior early

My husband has done a great job when working with Eden. We began to teach her the way to catch Frisbee. We ask the dog to drop the Frisbee. It has dropped the Frisbee close to its feet.

You shouldn’t throw the second disc until you get desired behavior. The disc is a gift. Therefore it is better not to offer the reward as long as you get desired behavior.

Edie is passing a very hard time for ending games and sometimes choose to promenade. When she realizes that we have had more, we need to work on that.

I would like to begin working with some more advanced dog disc tricks now she nails the basics.

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