how to throw a frisbee

We are nowhere. Just how to throw a Frisbee, your friend can say it. Your friends may rip off glinting twenty-yard spinners. The real-time comes. You can fling it back.

When you are on the beach, it winds up in the sea. The errant Frisbee-tosser can get the disc game into the size?

The exact throw is reasonable. We can move to Jonathan Nethercutt for short on Fris-slinging. He is the winner of Ultimate Frisbee Championship at the University of North Carolina.

He got World Championship award along with the Callahan award and Team USA. We would like to speak to him as he can do what he likes with Frisbee. Under you see his advice.

Learning The Throwing Motion

Hold the Frisbee in your fist. Maintain your thumb on the top of the Frisbee. Place your index finger on the edge. The rest of your fingers can touch the underside.

Standby keeps your feet at a 90- degree angle toward your mission. You must keep your right foot in front if you are a right-handed. Likely you must keep your left foot in front if you are left-handed.

Bend your wrist somewhat back towards your body same as you grab the Frisbee. Your elbow must be referring up and outward.

Confirm the position where you are going to throw the Frisbee. Normally you throw Frisbee at other person’s hand. You have to throw Frisbee such a way that the partner can easily catch it.

Expand your arms ahead instantly. Flatten your arm as your arms are almost extended. Flip your wrist and free the Frisbee out to your desired destination.

Your wrist must crack by a spring like motion.

  • Let the Frisbee go at various heights for various effects at the time of throwing.
  • To have more stability, attempt releasing the Frisbee above your belly buttons.

Free your Frisbee by using the exact amount of force and choose appropriate Frisbee. More power or too little power may cause Frisbee to hit the ground, fly wildly or vibrate. You can teach your dog how to catch Frisbee.


You choose the disc for a backhand grip. Keep all the 4 fingers under the rim of the disc and keep your thumb to the top. You are presenting the backside on your hand towards you like to throw.

Throwing is just like volleying back, playing tennis and forth. You like to keep the throwing side shoulder.


As you are a right-handed, you right must keep pointing to the desired place. You use normal backhand motion from tennis- back to front, left to right.

Be sure you have thrown a nice amount of wrist snap. This is the key of your all throws. What you are throwing is not the real matter.

When you snap your wrist well, you will find more accuracy or efficiency from the throws. You arms here would support more to increase velocity.

But you need enough velocity rather than more accuracy when you do not snap the wrist.

Forehand (a.k.a. the “flick”)

I have faced many difficulties while teaching the forehand. The reason is that there are not enough comparable motions.

One thing comes before me that am tennis, or it may be a ping pong. The action is like the action of a baseball. It is true that you can’t throw a baseball on your hip.

To grip you can use your thumb and your middle and index finger. You can make a type of finger gun, the middle and the index finger will work as a barrel.

Stick your middle and index finger to the inside rim, by keeping thumb over it. You may keep your circle finger and pinkie finger to the outside of the rim to get support.

Here your middle finger does all action along with the wrist. The disc truly flies off your middle finger as you throw taps.

Your target is to keep your wrist, the disc and the forearm all level and parallel on with the ground. You may crack your wrist well; it comes out okay.

People tend to over depend on their arms that is your downfall. When you are beginning with flicks, you sling your arm and gingerly break the wrist.

The disc may not have more spin to adjust with the speed of flight. It tails off fast wobbles quickly.

Chicken wing

Keep your all 4 fingers on the top of the arm away. Your arm must be direct and parallel on the earth with the disc as remote as possible from the shoulder.

Chicken wing

Keep your immediately arm back and curve your wrist backside away as it goes to alter the fling and spiral it then.

At the time of bringing your arm ahead, you have to get free everything in 1 fluid motion. The disc’s spin appears from flinging it off from the thumb remaining on the mug of the disc.

The genuine way to learn this is to watch video for 20 times, and then you can select it. The throw is excellent to have a stalling warden.

Most players don’t like to throw it as it is hard to make it catchable and accurate. It is nice for the middle range with appropriate size and weight.

Elevator Pass

In 1 motion raise the arm and expand it, unbend the knees, render the disc a little turn as you free it upward. I render it twirl only cracking my thumb to the left. There remains only arm or wrist involving the spin.

You can give disc some front drives only bending your arms to some extent. When done well, the disc may be level and move up to 15 feet next back down, skill level and 10 to 20 feet from the ground.

I prefer it as you may float in the right over a defender before you. It is not fine for outdoors as wind can affect it as there remains only little spin.

Push pass

Push pass is applied for indoor ultimate. Hold Frisbee same as a backhand but keeping the line up the shoulder you throw away. If you are throwing a backhand, the disc spins clockwise.

You like to get push pass to complete the similar thing. Press your hand somewhat to the left shoulder, spin the CD clockwise and give a little impetus.

A push pass is used for short range but a fine instant throw. I utilize it when noticing the left finish press on passing it on a handle on the correct.

It is only suggested for outdoors. The wind affects it more for the requirement of power or spin.

Roller Throw

What is the way to throw a roller Frisbee? Throwing a roller can be both effective and fun. Don’t try to roll the Frisbee with a teammate at the time of playing the game. It will be a turnover.

The true use of the roller throw is when drawing the disc. So the lines are indistinct between a Trick fling and a real throw. The roller is when the player throws a rigid blade which remains near the earth.

Roller Throw

Continue to roll directly as long as it drops momentum. When the disc rolls on the pull the other party should begin the play in the place the disc stops.

The target of this throw is to hope someone to stop the rolling disc. When he fails to touch it, the disc moves the back end zone.

In such situation, the opposite team will take it from the last part zone. Watching everyone on the team is a scramble to end the disc is interesting.

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