The hammer is one of the most important throws in Ultimate Frisbee. It can be used to score goals, advance the disc up the field, and even defend your own end zone. But how do you throw a hammer?

Here are some tips: First, grip the disc with your index finger and thumb on opposite sides of the rim. You don’t want to grip it too tightly, or you won’t be able to snap it correctly.

Next, cock your wrist back so that your thumb is pointing down and away from your body. This is the position you’ll want to release the disc from.

How To Throw A Hammer | Brodie Smith

  • Learn the proper grip for throwing a hammer
  • This involves holding the disc in your leading hand with your thumb on top of the disc and your index finger underneath
  • Your other three fingers should be gripping the side of the disc
  • Place your non-throwing hand at the center of the disc, palm up, and support the bottom of the disc with your fingertips pointing down
  • cock your wrist back so that your thumb is pointing behind you and then snap it forward to release the disc
  • As you do this, extend your arm fully and follow through with your throw

Forehand Throw Ultimate Frisbee

Forehand throws are the bread and butter of most ultimate frisbee players’ games. Though there are many different ways to throw a forehand, the basic mechanics are the same: snap your wrist to send the disc spinning forward, and follow through with your arm to ensure that it goes where you want it to. One of the great things about ultimate frisbee is that there is so much room for individual expression when it comes to throwing styles.

Some people like to put a lot of spin on the disc to make it dance in the air; others prefer a flatter throw that cuts through the wind. Ultimately, it’s up to you to experiment and find what works best for you. There are a few key things to keep in mind when throwing a forehand: first, make sure that your grip is firm but not too tight.

You want to be able control the disc, but you don’t want your hand cramping up mid-throw. Second, pay attention to your elbow – if it’s pointing down at the ground, you’re likely putting too much spin on the disc and it will wobble in flight. Third, follow through with your arm after releasing the disc; this will help ensure that it goes where you want it to go.

With a little practice, you’ll be throwingforehands like a pro in no time!

How to Throw a Frisbee Straight

The Frisbee is a flying disc that was originally designed as a toy, but has since become popular among Ultimate players and others as a competitive sport. There are many different ways to throw a Frisbee, but the most important thing is to keep it level and release it at the right time. Here are some tips on how to throw a Frisbee straight.

1. Start with your arm extended out in front of you and the Frisbee in your hand. 2. Swing your arm back until it’s perpendicular to your body, then snap your wrist forward to release the Frisbee. 3. Be sure to follow through with your arm after you release the Frisbee, otherwise it will spin off course.

4. Practice! It takes some time and practice to get the hang of throwing a Frisbee straight, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away.

Ultimate Frisbee Throws

Frisbee is a sport that can be played by people of all ages and skill levels. It is a great way to get outdoors, have fun, and stay active. There are many different types of Frisbee throws that can be used in game play or for recreational purposes.

The most common throw is the backhand throw. This throw can be used for short or long distances depending on how it is executed. For a long distance backhand throw, the player will cock their arm back behind their head before releasing the Frisbee.

This type of throw takes practice to master but can be very effective when done correctly. A shorter backhand throw can be made by keeping the arm closer to the body and using a quick snap of the wrist to release the Frisbee. This throw is often used for shorter distances or when there is not much space to work with.

Another common type of Frisbee throw is the sidearm throw. Thisthrow is made by holding the Frisbee at an angle across your body and then flicking your wrist to release it. This type of throw can also be used for both short and long distances depending on how it’s executed.

For a longer sidearm throw, players will cock their arm back before releasing the Frisbee whereas for a shorter sidearm throw, players will keep their arm close to their body and use a quick flick of the wrist to release it instead. The last type of commonly used Frisabee throwing technique is called an overheadthrow . This type ofthrow involves holdingthe frisbee above your head with both hands before slamming it down ontothe ground , similarto how you would skipa stone across water .

Overheadthrows are mainlyusedfor long-distancethrows as they generate alotof powerand momentum . Theycanalsobe very usefulfor gettingaroundobstacles suchas treesor otherplayers .

How to Throw a Frisbee Backhand

One of the most popular ways to throw a Frisbee is called the backhand. To do this, you’ll need to hold the Frisbee in your right hand with your thumb on top and your index finger underneath. Then, you’ll want to cock your wrist back so that the Frisbee is pointing behind you.

When you’re ready, snap your wrist forward and release the Frisbee. It should spin clockwise as it flies through the air. The key to a successful backhand throw is all in the wrist action.

You’ll want to practice this move a few times before taking it out on the field.

What are the 3 Types of Throws in Ultimate Frisbee?

In Ultimate Frisbee, there are three types of throws: backhand, forehand, and hammer. Each throw has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks that make it more or less effective in different situations. Here’s a quick rundown of each throw and when you might want to use it.

The backhand is the most basic Ultimate Frisbee throw. To execute a backhand, simply grip the disc in your hand with your palm facing away from you and then snap your wrist to send the disc flying. Backhands are easy to learn and they’re relatively accurate, making them a great choice for short-range passes.

However, because they lack power, they’re not ideal for long-distance throws. The forehand is a bit more advanced than the backhand but it can be very effective if executed properly. To throw a forehand, grip the disc in your hand with your palm facing toward you and then snap your wrist to release the disc.

Forehands have more power than backhands and can be used for longer-distance throws. However, they can be difficult to control and may sail wide of the mark if not thrown correctly. The hammer is the most powerful of all the Ultimate Frisbee throws but it’s also the most difficult to master.

To throw a hammer, start with the disc in your hand with your palm facing toward you just like you would for a forehand throw. But instead of snapping your wrist to release the disc, curl your arm over so that your hand ends up behind your head (hence the name “hammer”). This gives the discs extra spin and makes them fly farther than any other type of throw.

Hammers are great for long-distance passes but they can be tough to control so make sure you practice before using one in a game!

How to Throw a Hammer in Ultimate Frisbee


How Do You Throw a Hammer Technique?

Assuming you are referring to the track and field event, the hammer throw, here is how it is done: The hammer used in this event weighs 16 pounds for men and 4 kg for women. The athlete begins the throw from within a circle that is 7 feet in diameter with their back to the direction they will be throwing.

They then spin around several times before releasing the hammer. As they do so, they must keep their arm extended and release the hammer between their legs. The goal is to throw the hammer as far as possible while staying within the confines of the circle.

There are many techniques that can be employed to achieve this, but a common one is to start spinning slowly and then increase speed as you go. This allows you to build up momentum before releasing the hammer at just the right moment. Throwing the hammer correctly requires a great deal of technique and practice.

It is not something that can be learned overnight. If you are interested in trying it out, your best bet would be to find a local track club or coach who can teach you proper form and technique.

How Do You Hammer a Disc?

Assuming you mean “disk” as in a flat, circular piece of metal: You can hammer a disk by using a tool with a rounded or blunt edge to strike it repeatedly. This will cause the disk to deform and take on a new shape.

What is Hammer in Ultimate?

In Ultimate, hammer is one of the three ways to score. It is worth one point and can be done from anywhere on the field. To score a hammer, the thrower must send the disc in a high arc so that it comes down near their target.

The receiver then tries to catch it before it hits the ground. Hammer is often used as a way to keep possession of the disc when your team is trailing. This is because it is more difficult to defend against a hammer than a normal throw.

If you can complete a successful hammer, it can be very demoralizing for the other team. One downside of throwing a hammer is that it can be easy to turn the disc over if you don’t have good timing or accuracy. Throwing too low or too early are both common mistakes that lead to turnovers.

If you’re going to try for a hammer, make sure you put plenty of air under it!

How Do You Throw a Frisbee Step by Step?

Assuming you would like tips on how to throw a Frisbee: 1. Start by holding the Frisbee in your dominant hand with your thumb and first 2 fingers extended. The Frisbee should be resting on your middle finger.

2. cock your wrist back so that your arm is at a 90 degree angle to your body, making sure to keep the Frisbee level. This is called the “power position.” 3. As you step forward with your opposite foot, snap your wrist forward while releasing the Frisbee.

Be sure to follow through with your throw and end up pointing in the direction that you want the Frisbee to go.


Throwing a hammer in Ultimate Frisbee is a skill that can be mastered with practice. The key is to snap your wrist as you release the disc, and to follow through with your arm. Here are some tips for throwing a successful hammer:

1. Start by holding the disc in your off-hand, with your index finger extended along the top of the disc and your thumb underneath. 2. Line up your target, and then cock your arm back so that your hand is behind your head. 3. As you come forward to throw, snap your wrist so that the disc spins quickly.

Release the disc when it’s about level with your head, and follow through with your arm so that it points toward the target after you release the disc.