In ultimate frisbee, a “two handed rim catch” is when the player catches the disc with both hands on the top edge of the disc, close to the rim. This is considered to be one of the most difficult catches to make, and it’s a real feat of athleticism and coordination. There are many benefits to making this type of catch.

For one, it allows the player to keep their eyes on the disc at all times, which gives them better control over where they want to throw it next. It also keeps thedisc from wobbling or spinning out of control, which can often happen when catching with just one hand. Finally, it gives the player more power behind their throws, since they’re able to use both arms to generate momentum.

Many ultimate frisbee players prefer to catch the disc with two hands, but some are able to make one-handed catches look effortless. If you’re hoping to improve your catching game, learning how to do a two-handed rim catch is a great place to start. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Start by holding the disc in your dominant hand with your fingers on the top of the rim. 2. Reach out with your other hand and place it underneath the disc, making sure that your fingers are also on the top of the rim. 3. As you bring the disc towards your body, tuck it in close to your chest and squeeze it tight between both hands.

The goal is to keep the disc from spinning as you catch it. 4. Once you’ve caught the disc, quickly transition into a throwing position so that you can keep the flow of the game going. With a little practice, you’ll be able to make two-handed catches look easy!

Two Handed Rim Catch Ultimate Frisbee


What is a Two-Handed Rim Catch Ultimate Frisbee?

In Ultimate Frisbee, a two-handed rim catch is when the player catches the disc with both hands while it is touching or near the edge of the disc. This can be done in either one or two motions. The first way to do a two-handed rim catch is to catch the disc with one hand and then quickly bring the other hand up to meet it.

The second way is to bring both hands up at the same time and then trap the disc between them. The reason why this kind of catch is important is because it allows for greater control over where the disc goes after it has been caught. If you only use one hand, there is a chance that the disc could spin out of your grasp or that you will not be able to keep it stable.

Two hands provides more stability and also gives you more options for what you can do next with the disc. A two-handed rim catch can be used in many different situations on the field. For example, if you are trying to make a long throw and need extra power, using both hands will give you more leverage and allow you to put more behind your throw.

Or, if you are being defended closely and need to make a quick move, catching with two hands gives you more options for how to get away from your defender. Overall, learning how to do a proper two-handed rim catch will make you a better ultimate player because it provides more stability and control when catching and throwing the disc.

How Can One Perform a Two-Handed Rim Catch in Frisbee?

A two-handed rim catch is a move in Frisbee where the player catches the disc with both hands on the rim of the disc. This move can be used to save a errant throw or to make a spectacular catch. The first step is to position your hands so that each one is gripping the edge of the Frisbee at about the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions.

You want your thumbs pointing down and your fingers pointing up, creating an “OK” sign with each hand. As the Frisbee comes towards you, reach out with your arms and grab it by its rim, making sure to keep your grip firm. As you do this, twist your wrists inward so that your palms end up facing each other.

This will help ensure that the Frisbee doesn’t pop out of your hands when you land. Once you have a good grip on the Frisbee, bring it close to your chest and then tuck it under one arm so that both of your hands are now gripping the bottom half of the disc. You can now use both hands to control its flight and direction.

How Do You Do a Two-Handed Catch?

Assuming you would like tips on how to catch a football with two hands: The first step is getting into the proper stance. You will want your feet shoulder-width apart, and your weight should be balanced on the balls of your feet.

You will also want to keep your knees slightly bent. Next, extend your arms out to each side so that they are at shoulder level, and then bring them together in front of you, interlocking your fingers. This is the position you will want to be in when you make the catch.

Now that you are in the proper position, pay attention to the flight of the ball. As it comes towards you, extend your arms out so that they are parallel to the ground, and then bring them up so that they form a diamond shape in front of your face. The ball should enter this diamond shape just as it reaches its peak; if you time it correctly, all you have to do is close your hands around it and squeeze.

Once you have made the catch, tuck the ball securely against your body and lower yourself down into a squatting position so that you can absorb any impact from defenders coming at you.

What is Two-Handed Catching?

Two-handed catching is a technique used by catchers in baseball and softball to increase their chances of successfully catching the ball. The catcher uses two hands to grab the ball instead of just one, giving them more control and increasing their chances of making the catch. This technique is often used when the ball is hit high in the air or when there is a lot of movement on the ball.

Two-handed catches can be difficult to make, but they are an important part of a catcher’s repertoire.

Ultimate 101: Two handed Rim Catch

Two Handed Rim Catch Frisbee

A two-handed rim catch is a type of Frisbee catch that is performed by gripping the disc with both hands and catching it on the rim of the disc. This catch is often used in windy conditions or when there is not enough time to perform a one-handed catch. To perform a two-handed rim catch, start by gripping the Frisbee with your dominant hand near the center of the disc.

Your other hand should be placed on the outer edge of the disc, just below where your dominant hand is positioned. When you are ready to catch the Frisbee, extend your arms out in front of you and wait for the Frisbee to make contact with the rim of the disc. Once it does, quickly close your fingers around the rim to secure the catch.

Two-handed catches can be more challenging than one-handed catches since you have to grip the Frisbee with two hands and coordinate your movements accordingly. However, this type of catch can be useful in certain situations such as when there is strong wind blowing or when you need to make a quick grab for the Frisbee. With some practice, you’ll be able to master this skill and use it to your advantage during games and activities involving a Frisbee.

One-Handed Rim Catch in Frisbee

One-Handed Rim Catch in Frisbee In frisbee, a one-handed rim catch is when you catch the disc with only one hand on the rim of the disc. This can be done with either hand.

A one-handed catch is generally considered more difficult than a two-handed catch, since you have less surface area to grip the disc with. However, it can be useful for catching discs that are spinning rapidly or that are otherwise difficult to control. To perform a one-handed rim catch, start by gripping the disc with your thumb and forefinger on opposite sides of the disc (as if you were going to throw it).

Then, quickly bring your other hand up and grab the rim of the disc with your fingers pointing inwards (towards your body). As you do this, twist your wrist so that your palm faces downwards and make sure to keep a firm grip on the disc. Finally, pull the disc towards your chest and tuck it in close to your body to secure it.

With practice, you should be able to master the one-handed catch and use it effectively in game situations. Remember – always focus on controlling the disc first and foremost, and don’t worry about catching it perfectly every time.

Two-Handed Catching

One-handed catching is the norm in baseball, but there are some benefits to using two hands. Two-handed catching can help you keep the ball in front of you and make a more secure catch. It can also help you control your throws and prevent wild pitches.

If you’re struggling with one-handed catches, or if you simply want to improve your defensive game, give two-handed catching a try. Here are a few tips to help you get started: 1. Use your off hand to guide the ball into your glove.

2. Spread your fingers wide to create a “basket” for the ball. 3. Keep your eyes on the ball at all times. 4 Practice in both game situations and during practice sessions.

5 Get comfortable using two hands before trying it in a game situation.

How Should You Position Your Hands When Catching a One Handed And Two-Handed Rim Catch in Ultimate?

When catching a one-handed or two-handed rim catch in ultimate, you should position your hands so that your palms are facing outwards and your fingers are pointing downwards. You should also cup your hands slightly to create a pocket for the disc. To catch the disc, you should extend your arms outwards and upwards, keeping your elbows close to your body.

Once the disc hits your hands, quickly bring it down to chest level and tuck it in close to your body.


Two Handed Rim Catch Ultimate Frisbee is a great way to improve your game and have more fun. This move is easy to learn and can be used in many different situations. With a two handed rim catch, you can easily keep the Frisbee in control and make amazing catches.

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