In Ultimate Frisbee, “pull” refers to the act of throwing the disc to the opposing team to start the game. The term can also be used as a verb, meaning to pull the disc from another player. As a noun, it is the name of the person who throws the disc to start the game.

In Ultimate Frisbee, “pull” refers to the initial throw of the game, which is made by the team that did not score on the previous point. The purpose of the pull is to get the disc into play so that both teams can have a chance to score. The pull is an important part of Ultimate because it gives both teams a fair chance to score.

If one team was able to keep scoring without giving the other team a chance to pull, then that team would have a big advantage. That’s why it’s important for each team to make sure they give their opponents a fair chance to start each point.

What Does Pull Mean in Ultimate Frisbee


What is a Pull in Ultimate Frisbee?

A pull is a common term in Ultimate Frisbee that refers to the act of throwing the Frisbee to your teammate. The most basic form of a pull is called a “forehand” or “backhand” depending on which side of your body you use to throw the Frisbee. To execute a forehand pull, you hold the Frisbee with your right hand and step forward with your left leg, then snap your wrist to release the Frisbee.

For a backhand pull, do the opposite: hold the Frisbee with your left hand and step forward with your right leg before snapping your wrist to release. Other forms of pulls include “hammer” (overhead) throws and “floaters” (underhand), but these are generally less common than forehands and backhands. In addition, there are many different ways to grip the Frisabee for each type of pull – experiment and find what works best for you!

What Does Huck Mean in Ultimate Frisbee?

In Ultimate Frisbee, “huck” refers to a long throw. A huck is typically thrown when the player has a lot of space to work with and wants to gain some ground quickly. It can also be used as a way to get the disc into the end zone for a score.

When executed properly, a huck can be a very effective tool. However, it can also be risky, as an errant throw can lead to turnover.

The Rules of Ultimate Frisbee (Ultimate) – EXPLAINED!

What Does Run Through Mean in Ultimate Frisbee

In Ultimate Frisbee, “run through” refers to a move in which the player with the disc throws it to a teammate who is already in motion. This is an effective way to keep the defense off balance and create space on the field.

What Does Switch Mean in Ultimate Frisbee

Switch means that after the pull, the defense will change which player they are guarding. The players on the open side of the field will switch so that they are now defending the deep space.

What is a Get Big in Ultimate Frisbee Terms And Lingo

In the world of Ultimate Frisbee, there are a lot of terms and lingo that can be confusing to newcomers. Here’s a quick guide to some of the most common terms you’ll hear on the field. Get big: When a player makes a spectacular catch or layout, they’re said to “get big.”

This term is usually reserved for the truly impressive catches, not just routine plays. Layout: A layout is when a player dives horizontally through the air in order to make a catch. This can be done either feet-first or head-first.

Layouts are often used when there’s no time to set up for a proper catch, or when the player needs to cover more ground than usual. Stack: The stack is the formation that offensive players use when they’re waiting for a pass from their teammates. Players line up single-file behind each other, slightly offset so that they can see each other and the person with the disc.

The stack allows for quick and easy passing between teammates while also giving everyone an opportunity to get open for a reception. Force: When defending against an offense, defenders will try to “force” their opponents to one side of the field or another. This helps funnel them into areas where they can be more easily covered or where help defenders are waiting.

Forcing also helps prevent teams from getting free rein of the entire field, which makes it easier to score on them.

Frisbee Slang Meaning

Frisbee is a great game to play with friends and family, but did you know that there is a whole language associated with the sport? Here are some common terms and their meanings: Flick – A quick wrist snap that propels the Frisbee forward

Backhand – A throwing motion where the palm of the hand faces backward when releasing the Frisbee Forehand – A throwing motion where the palm of the hand faces forward when releasing the Frisbee Disc Golf – A sport played with a Frisbee and poles, similar to golf

Now that you know some of the lingo, get out there and enjoy a game of Frisbee!


In Ultimate Frisbee, “pull” refers to the act of throwing the disc to the other team to start the game. The term can also be used as a verb, meaning to throw the disc to another player on your team.

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